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Full Name: Benjamin "Ben" Rochester-Iosila
Subspecies: 50% Great Plains Wolf - 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (21-Oct-2016)
Birthplace: Broken Antler Fen
At A Glance
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The runt of the litter, though it doesn't show. Benjamin is white as snow with only a few markings standing out. A very dark grey hue paints a faded saddle onto his back, while an inky black colour fades up from the tip of his nose onto his muzzle. This same hue paints two dots above his amazingly blue eyes; his Rochester dots. His fur is rather rough, though good enough to cuddle up against. It's of average length, though it is a bit longer near his neck.

His build is fantastical; muscled and big, stocky and broad. He towers above his siblings - above most of his age. He is nearly finished with growing, but seeing that he can't shrink it is easy to see he will become a hunk of a man. He is rather handsome, like most of his family, but often carries a vague expression.

Aura: A light pink colour, with a tinge of gentle green mixed in. It shows that he is a gentle creature and his will to help others.

Scent: A watery scent still clings to his pelt due to his childhood by the Fen, though he now also carries the scent of the Caldera. He also smells vaguely like feathers if you get really close.
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Charismatic · Witty · Dark Humor · Secretive · Protective · Misunderstanding · Rebellious

· CHAOTIC NEUTRAL · ISTP · Slytherin · Sanguine ·

Due to his lack of bonding and true friends, Benjamin has become a totally different being than how he first was. Secretive and a little smarter than he used to be, he values his alone time and takes his time opening up to others. He often makes things about him and has become rebellious in nature, but he is not without his charm.
Pack History

Broken Antler Fen

· Xi (21 October 2016 - 14 May 2017)

Redhawk Caldera

· Rho (14 May 2017 - 25 July 2017)
· Nu (25 July 2017 - Present)
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