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Basic Info
Full Name: 流星 愛莉 - Airi Draconid
Subspecies: 25% arctic wolf, 25% mackenzie valley wolf, 50% eastern timber wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (9/16/16)
Birthplace: ryūjin (sunbeam lair)
At A Glance
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Airi is currently away. Reason: College
Away Since: February 05, 2018 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Airi: Details
voice model: O'ren Ishii from Kill Bill Vol. 1 warning — blood/gore!

nearly an adult, Airi's growth has slowed from the exponential burst a few months prior. her quarter-arctic blood has thickened her coat, especially around the nape of her neck, where it fluffs out into a mantle of iridescent fur, like the coat of a raven, shining dark blue or even dark purple in the right lighting. her eyes have settled into a dark blue-indigo, cold and hard with disdain and contempt, alongside arrogance and pride, her face often twisted into a permanent sneer.

— fresh scar along right cheek
— toothmarks on chest (on top of sternum)
— ragged, horizontal, almost necklace-like scar along neck
        from atshen

while very young, she began to develop an entitled and spoiled personality. Airi must be the best — she is the best — but whether this is because she was born first, or something underlying has yet to be seen. despite being away from her birth pack, where this behavior is somewhat warranted, she continues this behavior.

to those who interact with her, she seems to display elitism from her perceived status and position as a vessel of Zennyo Ryu, or at the very least malignant narcissim. to the careful eye, however, Airi is displaying signs of psychopathy.
Pack History
alive | dead | unknown

nuclear family
biological father: damien mehrunes melonii
mother: asterr draconid
step-father: ukko vaaja II
siblings: kaori draconid, shiori draconid

outside relations

via damien:
biological aunts: potema vaermina melonii & kendra boethiah rochester
biological uncles: cicero sheograth melonii & pietro hircine rochester
biological grandparents: meldresi melonii & bane blackfeather
biological great uncle: miraak melonii

via asterr:
biological grandparents: hisoka draconid & petra draconid
biological aunts: corona draconid, hisaya draconid, toya draconid
biological uncles: nekoda draconid, miki draconid, hirosada draconid

ryūjin — hatchling (9/16/16 - 2/10/17)

redhawk caldera — youth tier (2/12/17 - 4/17/17)

lone wolf — 4/18/17 - 5/21/17

northstar vale (aka 'the brat pack') — rho - pi - zeta - theta - eta - theta (5/21/17 - present)
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