Profile of Sylvas Streiter: Quick Facts
Sylvas Streiter
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Basic Info
Full Name: Sylvas 'Syl' Streiter
Subspecies: NRM x Gray
Sex: Male
Age: 3 Years (09/09/2014)
Birthplace: Unknown
At A Glance
Bright amber eyes aglow, belonging to a large, yet lean mixed brown form. Scars scatter his skin, unseen under all his messy fur. Only upon his muzzle, can a few faint scratches be seen. Strei's right ear has a slight tear through the tip.
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Profile of Sylvas Streiter: Details
Streiter is of a lean, average build. The male's messily kept fur being an array of many shades of browns and grays, a few strands of black can be seen scattered throughout his pelt, mostly being found upon his back. A mixture of cream and brown paint his underbelly and along the insides of limber, long legs. With natural hazel/amber like eyes and rounded ears, one (right) being slightly more torn than the other. Streiter comes across as your ordinary colored wolf. Though across his muzzle, Strei carries a few minute pinkish scars. Some a small reminder of past experiences with others. The other scars, though unseeing to the eye, cover the rest of his body, a result of a careless accident.
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KindLoyalProtectivePatientReasonable DeterminedQuietReserved

A bit misunderstood, Sylvas tends to come across as arrogant in his silent nature, though he is far from it. In reality, he's actually just shy and finds conversations difficult. Having journeyed the surrounding lands alone, Streiter has in a sense become socially awkward to most. Only ever having himself for company, Sylvas can mostly be seen quietly patrolling the borders of Morningside.

He was a loner at heart in his youth, and still has a passion for adventure, a fiery spirit that sits beneath a patient soul, constantly brewing for excitement.

Since becoming a father, Sylvas has become very protective, more so than usual.. His family and his pack mean everything to him. And over the period of becoming a mate and a father, Sylvas has become more serious towards life, the safety and well being of those closest to him being of main priority. However, the sudden and unforeseen death of his mate had almost caused the man to mentally break, along with the disappearance of his daughter all in the same day, but he knew he had to keep it together for those that remained.

Underneath all the seriousness that has become of him, he still remains the kind, loving and gentle wolf he has always been.
Born to a small band of wolves that lived far from the Teekons, one young male, an eldest of three, had been contemplating to one day up and leave his natal roots. The young male, going by the name of Sylvas - wanted to travel the lands and see new things. The urge brewing inside him to meet new wolves and experience the wonders and also the cruelties that the world had to offer. Deep down he knew it was going to be hard to leave his family behind, all he had known growing up was family, but the young male was unable to ignore his feelings any longer and finally vanished from home.

Guilt ridden, Sylvas roamed the new lands and though he was distracted by his guilt, the occasional baaing sound would steal his attention away from his thoughts of home. He walked slow, listening now and then, till finally, the male decided to hunt out the source of this repetitive noise. The young adventurer eventually found himself stumbling upon a place he now knows as Little Goat Mountain. And there, scaling the edges of the rock face were these small, furry horned animals. Puzzled, Syl observed them quietly for the brute hadn't seen anything like it before. Cautiously, large paws began to tread across the ground as the young male looked in awe and hunger.

Excitement filled him as he began to scale further up, paws digging into its hard, scraggy surface as he pulled himself onward. Only a couple of minutes in and the brute felt the burn of his muscles, low panting escaping his lips as he pressed on, relentlessly pushing himself. But the closer he got to those things, the higher they climbed out from his reach. And rather quickly, his energy depleted, till suddenly a paw slipped on stone as it broke free. A loud yelp roared from within him as he felt his body slide down the mountain face, razor sharp edges of rock slicing at his fur, tufts of brown and grey floating like feathers into the wind as it tore at his flesh beneath. This was it. The end of his adventuring days! Possibly the end of him! And all for a meal.

The brown mass that continued to roll down the mountain, debris and dust following him as he plummeted back to where he had began. Winded and bruised, he laid upon the ground in a messy heap, surrounded by stones and dust, unmoving and quiet. Hours had passed, when finally there was a sign of life.. A torn ear twitched, a soft groan escaping him as he shifted himself upon the floor.. observing his surroundings through hazy vision, Streiter blinked in a confused manner at the mountain. What had just happened? Still dizzy, the brute's vision blurred till darkness took over once more.

The battered male had ventured through the many lands of the wilds, meeting many faces, some more friendly than others; until one day he came across an unnamed female in the Wapun Meadows. Sylvas was quite taken by the woman, the smell of her heat didn't help and her flirtatious ways as she seductively lured him into the tall grass. Little did the young male know at the time, was that this heated act would completely change his future.

Countless days had passed since his fling with the woman in the meadow and the male wondered when or if he would ever see her again. The loner roamed freely thinking about her, though unaware that Eden had been exiled from her pack and beaten for breeding with an outsider. Because of this, she sought him out and eventually found him, bringing with her a sister, Alyssum. He quietly listened as she explained her situation, telling him how she and her sister had been chased out from their pack by the leader - all for carrying his children. His children. It was then that Sylvas realised, it wasn't just himself now that he had to look after.

With these new responsibilities looming over the male, he did what any good man would do, he stayed with Eden to raise their pups when they were ready to come into the world (along with her sister, Alyssum) and together they began their search for a new home. It was then that they came across the borders of the Royal Fire Court pack. After an introduction with one of the pack leaders, Alder, they were luckily accepted into their ranks; though Sylvas was yet to prove himself of worth to those who so graciously took them in. Sylvas continued to train as a mercenary, hoping to be able to prove his worth to join his mate, Eden and the rest of the pack within the Inner Circle. Gradually, within time Sylvas was accepted into the Inner Circle as a Knight and shortly after, on the 1st Dec, his pups, his pride and joy - Sorrel and Kieran were born into the world.

A harsh winter had taken the wilds, bringing with it an unexpected war. A group of loners raided the pack lands, lead by a male called Reek, him and his band of desperate loners forced the wolves of the Royal Fire Court to abandon their home and flee into the safety of neighboring lands. In their defeat, those who were left and pushed out from the glade traveled to Duskfire Glacier. Here, The republic of Auros was born as Eden and Sylvas attempted the rebuild with those that had fled with them. But unfortunately, that peace only lasted for a short while as wolves gradually began to disappear from the glacier, Sylvas' daughter, Sorrel, most worryingly being one of those to have vanished without a trace.

With the disappearance of his only daughter plaguing his worried mind, Sylvas wasn't prepared for the next turn of events that was about to unfold in his already troubled life. As usual, he roamed below the peaks of the glacier and in time - stumbled upon the haunting sight of his mate – mangled and bloodied. Lifeless on the crimson soaked ground. The male buried his wife and eventually decided to leave the glacier behind. The memories there were too much, for in just one day, he'd lost not only his daughter, but his wife. Kieran, his son, was now the only thing Sylvas had left and after all the tragedy they'd been through, Syl swore he would protect not only him, but the others that had stayed throughout each turmoil.

Exhausted and hungry, Syl and the others decided to take a much deserved rest, putting a temporary halt to their tiresome search for a home. And as they recuperated and did a bit of exploring here and there whilst hunting, the group came upon a lone gray male and two pups, another family roaming the wilds. The two units eventually became one, combining their numbers for the looming winter ahead. And as fate would have it, more wolves joined them as they roamed through the Risingsun Valley - finally ending their search at the borders of the vast and beautiful Cuesta. It was here that the wolves of Morningside flourish as a family.

Time passed and life was peaceful within the Cuesta. Morningside's numbers grew and prey was plentiful, but as the colder days started the set in, it became more apparent to both Sylvas and Grayday that they would eventually have to move on from their home. For the open space of the Cuesta wouldn't be enough to ensure the packs survival during the Winter. But before the move took place, Sylvas disappeared in a final search for his missing daughter, vanishing for a month or so before finally returning to Morningside. And luckily, just in time for the packs move to the Kintla Flatlands, where the pack now claim the Blacktail Deer Plateau as their current home.

Now somewhat distant from the others, Sylvas patrols the borders of the territory, keeping himself away from the masses and solely focusing on protecting what Grayday had built. But, during his seclusion, Sylvas' daughter had stumbled upon their borders, exhausted and malnourished, having unknowingly returned home to her family. And the surprises didn't stop there for the man, for the mercenary's young sister, Sybella, whom he hadn't seen since his departure - had also managed to find her way back to him.

More to be added!
Pack History
Parents: Sylvak Streiter Arkit
Siblings: Soryn Streiter Sybella Streiter

Mate: Eden
Offspring: Sorrel Marie Kieran Adrien

Deceased Missing
Profile of Sylvas Streiter: Additional Information
Behind the name
Sylvas - "Forest"
Streiter - “Warrior”

Languages Spoken

French ~ English

Pursuing Trades

[Image: warrior.gif] Mercenary - Guardian

[Image: gamekeeper.gif] Hunter - ??
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