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Basic Info
Full Name: cortland "sentinel" tobias mayfair
Subspecies: grey wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (09/17/2016)
Birthplace: silver creek, teekon wilds
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art by haize
a lean, thick-furred wolf on the smaller side of medium with particularly long legs giving the illusion of height. soft coat of burnished gold, with ears and extremities stained bronze. piercing argent eyes, sharp with obvious intelligence but often somber. tongueless. reference (base by javabean).
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        infj                type nine                virgo        

a solitary creature, preferring the company of the moon and stars to the company of others more often than not, though he finds this draw inexplicable. possesses an innate sense of childlike wonder regarding life that cannot be shaken by experience or trauma, though it rarely surfaces in the company of others. conflict-averse and easily intimidated. prone to periods of intense introspection and contemplation, often accompanied by self-neglect. subtly sarcastic humor. loyal to a fault and slow to accept change or let go of what has been lost. suffers delusions and a mild form of post-traumatic stress disorder. theme
Pack History
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pheiros (via elixir)

ellie mayfair x unknown mayfair (?) male
lasher mayfair x rowan mayfair

lasher x rowan
(9.17.16) mona antha mayfair
lasher x blue willow
(1.8.15) eilidh , constantine , casmir
(12.25.15) emaleth , deirdre
11/22/2018 - present
Profile of Sentinel: Additional Information
sentinel is extremely expressive; feel free to have your character notice any emotion referenced in his posts!
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