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Full Name: Nova Rochester
Subspecies: 50% Great Plains Wolf - 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: (October 2016)
Birthplace: Broken Antler Fen
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[Image: OiaVQ0.png]Nova, meaning 'Chases butterfly' in Pearl's native language will be a multicolored pup. Born to be hues of browns and tan colors, as she ageless a dark mask will slowly appear. She will sport the Rochester dots of her father in a nice orange/tan color. Nova will have the eyes of her father too, light blue. She will be the larger one of the two girls of this litter, eventually being bigger than her mother.
Curious and respectful, Nova comes off as distant at times and quiet but she is an active sponge, constantly learning and absorbing information.
Born in Broken Antler Fen to Pearl and Sebastain, Nova's upbringing was relatively normal until her brother Mato ran off to join a pack of young adults and the waters of her home became corrupted. Sebastain lead his remaining packmates to Redhawk Caldera where they were met with mixed opinions. When her mother Pearl vanished, Nova set out early one morning in June of 2017 to find her. She did not find Pearl, however, she found her brother Mato and joined his claim in the King Elk's Forest: Tindómë.
Parents: Sebastain ♂ & Pearl
Siblings: Mato ♂, Ivy ♀, Benjamin
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