Profile of Dakarai: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Dakarai Svartell
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4.6 (July 4th 2013)
Birthplace: Yellowstone Park
At A Glance
A large black muscular brute with stunning blue eyes. A confident yet wary gaze, seemingly always on alert.
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Profile of Dakarai: Details
Fully healed he is back to his prime appearance.

He stands tall with a muscular and athletic build. His black fur is thickened out though still greying around the muzzle and over his eyes. His eyes are bright and lively, electric blue and direct.
Having met Onyx Saefyn and being drawn to her and sticking by her side, he has become protective. He is always on guard and defensive when it comes to Onyx. He is kind and generally civil around his new pack members though he keeps to himself and Onyx.

After his run in with Cassiopeia his personality will change. He no longer dotes on memories of Olive and is in fact quite bitter about his history and relations to her. He has refused to be the children's father out loud to cassi's face.

-Protective to a fault at times.
-Short of temper
-Holds a lot of pain
-Will attack if attacked first.
Born in Yellowstone park (out of Game) he worked his way up to second in command of one of the largest packs. Then he left, as the alpha male was giving him trouble and he found out was also plotting his murder. He travelled to Teekon and planned on starting his own pack.

He met Olive during his wanderings and it was love at first sight, they romanced for a single night and Olive invited him to come to her home in Teaghlaigh. He promised her he would and they seperated.

After roaming for a while and getting his ass kicked at Blackfeather woods, he barely made it to Teaghlaigh. Olive convinced the Ceannasach to allow him to stay. He made it into the pack.

Olive and Dakarai become mates, Olive bears his children. Blackfeather woods makes a reappearance and threatens Teaghlaigh, causing Olive and Dakarai to be marked as a punishment rank.

The babies are born and Teaghlaigh has to move very soon after, Sirius (Dak and Olive's son) becomes ill and barely makes it to the new territory. Once settled in the territory a hearing is called and Olive and Dakarai are thrown out, and are forced to leave the sickly Sirius behind.

With Aries and Cassiopeia they go to Moonspear. They are accepted but Olive chooses the gods over him and forsakes their love. A shattered Dakarai becomes bitter after a while.

In a relapse Olive and Dakarai mate again, and this leads Dakarai to believe he still has a chance with her. She denies him said chance, and in a heartbroken rage he runs away, falls off a cliff, and ends up at Wheeling gull isle.

Dakarai eats poisoned berries and falls into the water, is carried away and washed up on shore somewhere outside of Teekon where he rested until he was better.

Dakarai finds olive at Cassiopeia's View, argues with her but ultimately promises to be by her side.

Once healed up and filled with energy he goes out to hunt and is blasted by a snowstorm where he loses his way and is forced to shelter up. It takes a while for him to find his way back and when he does Olive is gone.

He journey's through teekon and meets Onyx who he has a charming flirtation session with before partially ways.

They reunite and he vows to stay by her side, becoming her protector.

The pair joins BearClaw Valley and Onyx begins to open up about her history. Dakarai admits his love for her and gets one in return.

Dakarai meets Cassiopeia again and shares harsh words. She attacks him and he puts her down, stating that he refuses to be the father to the Svartell children not because he died, but because the family brings nothing but pain and he doesn't want them.

Pack History
Deceased wife: Oxsana

Ex wife: Olive

Current love: Onyx Saefyn


Two sons by Oxsana: Drakarius and Carter. Both believed dead.

@Cassiopeia= Daughter ~ Alive~Wandering~

@Sirius= Son~ Whereabout//living status unknown.

@Aries=Son~Alive~ in Blackfeather.

Blackfeather woods= Associate

Loner again

Teaghlaigh= Comlach

Teaghlaigh= Mercenoir

Teaghlaigh= Disgraced


MoonSpear: Epsilon


Bearclaw Valley

Profile of Dakarai: Additional Information
Dakarai and Olive <3

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Dakarai speaks Irish.
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