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Full Name: Anatha
Subspecies: Red Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (12/1/2016)
Birthplace: Sun Mote Copse
At A Glance

mahogany gaze // svelte // petite
red coat // dark rust dorsal markings // cream points
skittish // quiet // intelligent

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svelte and angular, anatha retains her knife-like thinness even in summer's plenty. she is quick and graceful, and her height lies somewhere between petite and average. the sharpness of her features, reminiscent of a coyote, lends her an odd sort of beauty complimented by a striking mahogany gaze, spotted with sparks of flaming gold. pelt is a flaming red, as if lit by the sun, and she bears of a saddle of dark rust that spreads over her shoulders and down her back.
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silent - intelligent - withdrawn - introverted - empathetic

largely silent, anatha has become intensely withdrawn after the trauma she endured at the hands of Iliksis. comfortable only in the presence of those she knows well, she remains guarded and unsettled even in the presence of packmates. wary of strangers, and especially of males, this may or may not progress into violence.

         she remains skittish and easily startled, though as time passes, gradually will she become less so. anatha is strikingly intelligent, sharp and with an easily awoken enthusiasm to learn. her turbulent childhood leaves her somewhat detached and naive in many aspects, but she is not without empathy. introverted, and appreciative of many of the finer details of life, she is able to able to spend hours simply observing some quiet corner of the territory and become utterly immersed in quiet contemplation.


"her vision had told her of two babes, strong and full of Molech's flame"

born into the Malkaria, anatha was destined, at first, to live a life deeply entrenched in the ways of the cult. her brother was sacrificed to their god Molech, and her second brother was destined to forever be her inferior, as their culture was matriarchal. however, the pack dissolved some weeks after her birth, and anatha, her mother, and brother made the long journey north to find a new home.

a new home
eventually, the trio made their way to drageda, where it seemed that they would settle. for a time, they were happy. during the midst of an intense storm, anatha lost her way and toppled down the cliffs that bordered the territory. she washed up on the shores of the fledging pack undersea, her memories faded and confused. here he lived for a stretch of weeks, doing little to fit into the pack and merely living a life of dull monotony. eventually, when the sand-bridge to the mainland rebuilt and the girl regained her courage did she leave the isle.

life as a loner
the girl did not stay within teekon long after her departure from undersea, and her wanderings led her into the company of an elderly healer, one who became something akin to a motherly figure to the girl. the woman taught anatha all she could about healing, herbs and the world, for she knew her time was near and hoped to pass on all she could. she died earlier than expected when the cold set in, and anatha was alone again.

after a stretch of weeks wandering alone, anatha was directed towards the borders of tindome by another loner. here she joined the pack, and settled well within it. while it seemed she'd finally sound a steady place, some time after her joining she encountered a male called iliksis. assaulted and tormented by him, she fled and found refuge in morningside, where for a month she found shelter and healing. after regaining her strength, she once again made the journey to tindome.

move and flight from teekon
during the pack's move to the mountains, Anatha once again encountered her attacker. after a brief fight, she managed to slip away, but was so deeply rattled that she fled the wilds.
Pack History
Parents: Ar-Khalba and Asherah
Siblings: Elohim
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