Profile of Muses: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Muses
Subspecies: Arctic/Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year 9 months (March 2015)
Birthplace: Canadian Rockies
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Profile of Muses: Details
Average sized wolf with a delicate build, deep chest, and tightly muscled limbs. She is clearly built for speed rather than strength. Despite her stature, she appears almost large in size, thanks to the gratuitous amount of thick, fluffy fur she has. As a winter wolf, her coat is ivory in hue, a delicate peach tone draping over the top of her head, down her neck, along her back, and over her tail. It is more saturated towards the centre, a wide line of rust running down her spine. A thick collar of silver hangs over her shoulders, coming to a point near the middle of her breast. The same colour marks a ring near the tip of her tail, and a half-mask covering her face. Her eyes are a pale, silvery colour, picking up hues of the lightest lavender and periwinkle.
She emanates genuine enthusiasm, her words to be taken at face value. Honest and eager, she believes not in goodness or evil, but in the way of the wolf. All wolves are driven, striving to fulfill that purpose; she just has to find out what hers is.

She is filled with a childlike wonder, and an ardor for learning and bettering herself. Her thirst sees her off on expeditions, brazen and at times foolhardy, perhaps naive. She is on a journey of discovering herself and the world around her.

The pursuit of pleasure is of the utmost importance. To please others gives pleasure, creating an endless feedback loop. She seeks to gratify others without losing too much of herself, and in turn, shies from what makes her feel dissatisfaction. She is as much of a foil to a protagonist, as she is a deuteragonist or companion, but rarely takes to the limelight herself.
Muse was born the middle sister, last litter of several born by Mnemosyne and Zeus (consequently youngest of all Zeus' litters). She was thought to have been born blind, having difficulty seeing as a young pup, but eventually learned how to cope with her form of synethesia. Her unique ability allows her to visualize sound as colour; an ability which has effectively put her into the rank of priestess and oracle, much to her reluctance. It is said that she is a truth-seer, but in actuality she is just uncannily perceptive (able to "visualize" tones). She is rather skeptical of the religion that has been imposed on her family pack, but had nonetheless been obedient to her family and her father's rules.

As she approached maturity, she began to question what was happening within the pack. There were little loose ends that she was beginning to notice, unraveling the more and more she tried to dig into it. A war between the closest rival pack and her family broke out (a civil war, in truth) not long after her first birthday. There was much bloodshed involved; the wholesale slaughter on both sides of the war shook Muses to her core, and she fled the only home she had ever known.
Pack History
Sire: Zeus
Dam: Mnemosyne

Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polyhymnia, Urania Aoidē, Mnēmē, Meletē (Zeus x Mnemosyne)


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Donnelaith (magairlín) - 11.04.16 - Present
Profile of Muses: Additional Information
- Muses has sound to colour synesthesia! This means that she can visualize sound - specifically voices - as colours! These colours are dynamic, changing with emotions. Therefore, she is uniquely adept at discerning small changes in tones. Among those she knows well, she is more likely to be able to detect lies, although her talent is no more than honed perception.

- Muses comes from a patriarchal pack that practices polygamy and incest. These are normal to her.

- In her birth pack, the wolves are extremely religious and superstitious.

- Furthermore, wolves are not considered fully mature adults until the age of 3, when they may begin breeding, only by the permission of the alpha. He assigns females to males, and couples may only breed with his permission.
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