Profile of Sunny: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Sunny Dagfinn Morningside
Subspecies: Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2.1 years (11/20/16)
Birthplace: EastHollow
At A Glance
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Profile of Sunny: Details
a smoky grey furred man with a large and burly Muscular structure,ivory front paws and tail, grey peppered face and forelegs, and ebony ears, guard hairs, and hind legs. Once fully grown, his eyes are a lighter shade than his fathers: a rich amber.
Sunny has grown into a patient and considerate young man with a bright nature and a soft and sensitive spirit. He is the type to go above and beyond for those he loves even when someone may have done him wrong in the past. His temper still flares occasionally but he no longer explodes violently.

Sunny was born to Grayday and Amber in Easthollow, alongside his sister Dawn. When they were a few months old Amber left and never came back, leaving Grayday to care for them on his own. Due to his own issues Grayday wasn't around much,leaving Sunny and Dawn to be raised by the other easthollow adults.

Sunny starts out as a slow and dorky child, always on the move and exploring. He tends to find himself in trouble alot, getting his tongue stuck to a huge icicle, and getting attacked by a crazy she wolf.

At about half a year of age Grayday took Sunny and Dawn on an adventure that ended in the forming of Morningside. A few months later Sunny decided his loyalties lay back in Easthollow and ran off on his own, THANKFULLY making it there safely.


Sunny and Dawn have been having a very distant and rocky relationship, Grayday is literally the best dad ever, and Sunny met his half siblings. Now the mother of his half siblings left the pups with grayday in a way similar to what Amber did and Sunny is needed back in Morningside. He is returning with Dawn soon.

November 2017-Current

Lives in morningside and repairs his relationship with Dawn. Begins to work on a stable life in Morningside.

Gets lost during hunting off territory and a bad snowstorm hits, he gets injured and messes up his paw.

Returns home and is accepted by his father.

Stable ranks and living conditions for months

Begins to work up in the ranks,Gets his hunting trade.

Becomes deathly ill and almost dies but recovers miraculously out of nowhere.

Reunited with Krypton but parts ways again.

Morningside moves.

Finds out Keoni is dead.
Pack History
Mom: Amber Ciel (deceased)
Father: Grayday (deceased)

Sisters: Dawn, Easy(Half),Lavender(Half)

Brothers: Dauntless(Half),Eventide,

Mate: Aliac

Offspring: Valiant, Minnow, Aeryn.

Aunt's and Uncle's
Uncle's: Murdock(Deceased), Shale(Deceased)

Krypton: A mother figure. Raised Sunny and helped him emotionally when he was in Easthollow by himself.

Catori/Spiritwalker: Someone Beginning to take over as a prominent mother figure. She's his dad's new mate and is carrying his siblings.
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Profile of Sunny: Additional Information
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