Profile of Sunny: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Sunny Dagfinn Morningside
Subspecies: Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (11/20/16)
Birthplace: EastHollow
At A Glance
A large and dark furred man with a pleasant expression.
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Profile of Sunny: Details
A smoky grey furred man with white forepaws and hind legs. His guard hairs and ears are a bright ebony as well as the underneath of his tail. His face is peppered with salt and pepper coloring, very striking around his bright amber eyes. He is of large stature though not as big as some other wolves in Teekon and his muscles are all well worked out and toned.

He has scars across his pelt and a striking scar across his right eye from being struck by a raven.
Confused and torn apart by the loss of memory and feeling that he is hurting his family because of it. Sunny is determined to figure out how to make the best of his situation even if he never does get his memory back.
Knows that he was born. That's about it.
Pack History
Mom: Amber Ciel (deceased)
Father: Grayday (deceased)

Sisters: Dawn, Easy(Half),Lavender(Half)

Brothers: Dauntless(Half),Eventide,

Mate: -

Offspring: Valiant, Minnow, Aeryn.

Aunt's and Uncle's
Uncle's: Murdock(Deceased), Shale(Deceased)

Krypton: A mother figure. Raised Sunny and helped him emotionally when he was in Easthollow by himself.

Catori/Spiritwalker: Someone Beginning to take over as a prominent mother figure. She's his dad's new mate and is carrying his siblings.

*all unknown*
Past: Easthollow, Morningside.

Current: Whitebark Stream
Profile of Sunny: Additional Information
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