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OG Sandpiper
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Basic Info
Full Name: Sandpiper Cairn
Subspecies: Hudson Bay, Great Plains, Mexican Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (10th of December, 2016)
Birthplace: Blackrock Depths
Date Of Death: 5/28/18
At A Glance
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Profile of OG Sandpiper: Details
sandpiper boasted a primarily cream physique -- with harsh blazes of sienna and rousing tawny framing her muzzle and trailing down to her shoulders. tumbling obsidian guard-hairs interspersed her varied pelt. her narrow limbs transferred from intermittent ochre to flat marble cream, whilst her flaxen face and molten gaze were cupped by soft alabaster. she was of slight stature with willowy limbs and thin features.
sandpiper may have been the smallest of the cairn clade, but her larger-than-life personality defied her diminutive stature. if good things came in explosive little packages, sandpiper was a dose of TNT atop kerosene drums; the child with a match, the ever-grinning instigator. sandpiper was known to thrive off of conflict, though she tended to fly under the radar as a "quiet" girl for less observant individuals. she was naturally athletic and shared the cairn affinity for combat and swimming.

sandpiper was killed on may 25th 2018 by a shark.
Pack History
born alongside smokestep, redshank and moorhen. her father is the inimitable skellige. while she does not recall her mother, she knows her name was mannoah. the cairn pups were whelped by a she-wolf named doe.
blackrock depths - newborn
warsaw islands - puppy
lone wolf - adolescent
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