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Mate to Cry "Raziel"

Basic Info
Full Name: Gwendolyn Eruna
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (27/11/2015)
Birthplace: Alaska
At A Glance
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Beautiful, graceful, regal, yet troubled.
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Profile of Gwen: Details
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“ There is a hole in my heart ”

A small woman draped in a pelage of soft, white fur. She is lithe and beautiful, though beneath her fur is a body littered with scars, painful reminders of her past and those she cannot escape from. Her eyes are a deep, oceanic blue, though within them her spark has been lost - they are dull, mysterious, and hold a touch of sadness if one cares enough to look. Despite this she is tragically stunning, and moves light on her paws as though she is naught but a ghost.


[Image: Xcb7iC6.png]

She is reserved and quiet, the result of many hardships. She has survived much, but it has not left her unscathed - both mentally and physically. She suffers from depression, but will scarcely talk to anybody about this - though still she throws on a mask to disguise her inner self-hatred and bitter dislike for the world and all it has brought her. After all, mustn't she be strong for those around her, even if that strength seems feigned?

In the presence of her husband, Cry, she seems to melt from a regal shard of ice to something so tenderly soft, and a glimpse of what she once was is evident in the smile she passes to him. Amongst all her love, there is a streak of defensiveness plaguing her spirit, especially when it comes to her husband - she has a terrible fear of losing him, but hates herself for it; she doesn't want to become like her first lover.

Fallen Empress

[Image: Xcb7iC6.png]
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Pack History
Outside of Teekon Wilds:
Parents - Mohan Eruna x Jem Eruna
Sister - Julianna "Julie" Eruna

Inside Teekon:
Ex-Lovers -Storm, Knew

Mate - Cry "Raziel"
Pups - Niebla + Hielo Eruna (w/Cry '19)

Cousins - Ehani Eruna

Dead Missing
Lone Wolf
Marauder's Keep - Eta, Epsilon (up)
Lone Wolf
Ganador Bypass - Empress [alpha]
Lone Wolf
Bearclaw Valley - v, μ (up), ι (up)
Lone Wolf
Ikkanattuk - Isikkaneq, Itchaksrat (up), Tallimat (up)
Lone Wolf
Shadewood Keep - Pledged, The Golden [leadership]
Profile of Gwen: Additional Information
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Pregnancy Status: 8/9 Weeks
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