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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Gwendolyn Eruna
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (27/11/2015)
Birthplace: Alaska
At A Glance
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Beautiful, graceful, regal, yet troubled.
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A small woman draped in a pelage of soft, white fur. She is lithe and beautiful, though beneath her fur is a body littered with scars, painful reminders of her past and those she cannot escape from. Her eyes are a deep, oceanic blue, though within them her spark has been lost - they are dull, mysterious, and hold a touch of sadness if one cares enough to look. Despite this she is tragically stunning, and moves light on her paws as though she is naught but a ghost.

[Image: hhHad34.jpg]

She is reserved and quiet, the result of many hardships. She has survived much, but it has not left her unscathed - both mentally and physically. She suffers from severe depression, but does not talk to anybody about this - in fact, she rarely speaks at all, though still she throws on a mask to disguise her inner self-hatred and bitter dislike for the world and all it has brought her.

Perhaps one day she might revert to her old, joyful self, but it is doubtful such a change could come any time soon.
Pack History
Outside of Teekon Wilds:
Parents - Mohan Eruna x Jem Eruna
Sister - Julianna "Julie" Eruna

Inside Teekon:
Ex-Mate -Storm
Ex-Lover - Knew

Dead Missing
Lone Wolf
Marauder's Keep - Eta, Epsilon (up)
Lone Wolf
Ganador Bypass - Empress [alpha]
Lone Wolf
Bearclaw Valley - v, μ (up), ι (up)
Lone Wolf
Ikkanattuk - Isikkaneq, Itchaksrat (up), Tallimat (up)
Profile of Gwen: Additional Information
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