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Basic Info
Full Name: Redshank Cairn
Subspecies: Hudson Bay, Great Plains, Mexican Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (10 December, 2016)
Birthplace: The Sentinels, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Redshank: Details
Redshank is small for a Cairn male, with a scrawny figure borne of stunted growth and thin, raw-boned limbs. However, his ears and paws are considerably large, a testament to the size he should have been. His unkempt fur is primarily a dark umber that fades to a duskier hue on his chest, muzzle and extremities, while mottled reds and ochres are interwoven throughout. His eyes are a molten gold colour, perpetually narrowed in an intense, judgemental stare. His gait is more of a skulk than a walk, head forever bowed in a brooding manner. From a recent tresspassing incident, he now has ragged scars down each side of his ribcage, along with a deep gash that runs between his eyes and across his muzzle, serving only to further deepen his perpetual scowl.
Small man literally too angry to die.
Pack History
Parents Β· Skellige x Mannoah
Wet nurse Β· Doe
Siblings Β· Sandpiper, Moorhen, Smokestep
LONE WOLF (2 Feb, 2019 β€” current)

        (time in between packs was spent as a lone wolf)
BLACKROCK DEPTHS (10 Dec, 2016 β€” 29 Dec, 2016)
PROPERTY OF SOL (29 Dec, 2016 β€” 22 Mar, 2017)
NORTHSTAR VALE (12 May, 2017 β€” 6 Sep, 2017)
IRONSEA (30 Jun, 2018 β€” 21 Aug, 2018)
DIASPORA (29 Dec, 2018 β€” 2 Feb, 2019)
Profile of Redshank: Additional Information
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