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Kieran Adrien
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Basic Info
Full Name: Kieran Adrien Olivier-Streiter
Subspecies: 50% Gray + 50% Mackenzie Valley
Sex: Male
Age: 1 Year (December 1st, 2016)
Birthplace: Golden Glade, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Kieran Adrien: Details
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“ A day may come when we lose, but it is not today ”

Kieran has been large from birth, always taller than his sister. As he grew older, his size grew too and now he is larger than most. If encountering a small wolf, he seems almost to tower over them, but in no way is he intimidating. His pelt is a handsome mix of ginger hues and grey that coats parts of his body, such as his head, part of his back, and parts of his tail. His underbelly is slightly lighter but still carries that fiery tone of his fur. The boy is definitely good looking but he is very much unaware of this.

His eyes are a deep, foresty emerald green. Though his size his large, his eyes contain a sort of warm friendliness and one glance can tell you that he is an unlikely source of danger. There is a sort of sparkle that is present when he does something he loves - for example hunting, giving advice, and talking with somebody dear to him.

Kieran and his sister, Sorrel - by Mixed

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The boy has faced many hardships in his early days, though he learned to be positive in all that he does with the idea that if his mother could see him now, she might be proud to call him her son. He is sensitive, perhaps slightly feminine occasionally but his intentions remain the same always - he strives to make anyone he can happier. Seeing a frown upon somebody's face drives him on to help them how he may be able to, and he will feel slightly downcast if he finds there is nothing he can do to help.
Kieran is a loving soul, accepting of all and loyal to those he resides with and anybody he feels he can trust.

Luckily, he is rather charismatic and is not often at a loss for words.
He is confident (though not overly so, and there is no ounce of arrogance is his mind or his movements) in his actions, believing that all can have a better outlook on the world if he is able to show them how lucky they are to be alive. Unfortunately, due to his trusting nature, he can be a little gullible, and he does not understand why some would lie. He will take in others opinions and shift himself to suit this. He just wants to make others happy.

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Pack History
Parents - Eden & Sylvas Streiter
Littermates - Sorrel Marie

Dead Missing
Royal Fire Court as a Page (Youth)

Republic of Auros as a Prince (Youth)

Lone Wolf

Morningside Pack as a Watcher, Hunter (Up), Hunter III, Hunter II (Up), Hunter I (Up)

Lone Wolf
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