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Basic Info
Full Name: Athanasius "Athan" Moroii
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf X Arctic Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (6/18/2013)
Birthplace: Unknown
At A Glance
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Profile of Athanasius: Details
Character Model: Jonathan Rhys-Meyer as Alexander Grayson/Vlad Tepes/Dracula from NBC's Dracula

Athanasius is graceful and otherworldly, with a permanent youth about him despite his age. His body is streamlined and lithe, moving with confidence and elegance. His fur is pure silver-white, like moonlight, save for a thick black stripe from his nose to the base of his tail. His eyes are a light purplish-blue hue, similar to amethyst.
The falling stars you wished upon are cinders now and now they're gone. Their residue festoons my fetid field. Revealing husks of lovers past; their shells are all that ever last β€” I've taken everything that they've concealed.

Athan suffers(?) from Renfield's Syndrome, or Clinical Vampirism. While he can eat the flesh of prey animals and wolves, he prefers to consume blood above all else, especially the blood of his fellow wolves. He often does this by lapping the blood from wounds, but if given the chance will tear through the carotid artery.

Athan has a light Eastern European (specifically Romanian) accent, but his english is impeccable and more formal than usual. He has a habit of slipping Romanian words into his speech, however.

Who ever told you life was fair? Look around you, everywhere, the cruelty of nature is displayed! Why the scorn? Why the surprise? Everything that's born must die and it isn't I who made the world that way.
As a young child Athanasius had a strange obsession with the sight of blood. He grew and his obsession grew with him, evolving into an obsession for its taste as well. One night he met a strange wolf while indulging himself on a rabbit. They told him what he was β€” a vampire β€” and taught him how best to hunt, where to drink from, how to hide his presence from potential hunters. Most importantly, they introduced to him the taste of wolf blood.

This would eventually lead to his banishment from his birth pack; one night he was found drinking from the freshly dead body of a fellow packmate. He was quickly chased out β€” almost killed β€” and has wandered ever since, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.
Former sexSlave: — Mazatl aka baietel, băiat, băiat dulce, among other things.
Profile of Athanasius: Additional Information
He nibble

(however I'm not an asshole. If you are uncomfortable with your character being attacked/harassed/creeped on please let me know)

From Ebony β€”

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WARNING! this boy thinks hes a vampire. regardless of the validity of this, he does get a weird kick out of biting wolves and drinking their blood and just blood in general... He considers most wolves his potential prey, and is liable to attack at random if he believes he can take down a wolf.
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