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Full Name: Aklark Tartok
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (January 21st, 2014)
Birthplace: Grey Rock
At A Glance
Large, grey, and probably hungry. Beefy boi.
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Bear-like, akin to his Inuktitut namesake, Aklark is an imposing physical presence. His build is large, favoring strength over speed. His body shows the scars of battle, proving that Aklark is a skilled fighter. Most notably, Aklark bears a scar inflicted by Silaluk at the place between his neck and chest from when she brought him down. All other discerning characteristics end there. Aklark's brown eyes and other features are unremarkable, as is the rest of his appearance. He is simply a large, grey agouti wolf with few defining features.
Aklark is, by and large, a creature of the wild. He is guided by instinct and the will of nature. Above all, he respects strength. He follows those who have bested him easily.

He is unquestioningly loyal to Tartok despite his history. In part by the desire to be a part of something larger than himself, Aklark has assimilated well within Tartok. His own values, and those of the pack, mesh well.
Aklark was a wolf whom faced Tartok when they sought to take over his family's mountain pack. He watched many of his family fall, and fought incredibly well against the wolves he now calls family. It was only Silaluk who could take him down, and he yielded when he knew the battle was lost. He, more feral than most, accepted the transition without a further fight nor legitimate desire to. As he had once been ready to disperse from his natal pack, he no longer saw a reason to, and transitioned well into Tartok's ranks.

Upon learning that Silaluk would be founding her own branch out in the Wilds, Aklark eagerly and devotedly followed. Yet, this southern branch was a fleeting thing, disappearing after only a brief time like a puff of smoke. Aklark returned to Tartok with his faith in their strength and resolve shaken.

Loyalty, however, does not fracture in a day. Years passed. Frustration mounted. Aklark shuffled from branch to branch of Tartok, following those he deemed strong 鈥 or rather, stronger than the last. Yet he found only dissapointment and dissatisfaction among Tartok鈥檚 ranks.

He disappeared, quiet into the night, never to speak of Tartok. Never to return.
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