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Full Name: Nechako
Subspecies: Chilcotin Plateau Horse*
Sex: Male
Age: 10 (Spring 2012)
Birthplace: Blackwater River
At A Glance
Plump, powerful, prehistoric — a dumb turd.
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Profile of Nechako: Details
Nechako stands at fifteen hands high (approximately sixty inches to the shoulder), with a deep chest and powerful hindquarters. He is built in a stout and tank-like manner and has poor conformation, but he runs strong like a sprinter. He has some scarring to his haunches and neck from various assaults by predators.

Palomino Dun (AAt DD ee Crcr+ Zz+) — will pass the dun gene on to all his offspring and make them carriers at least. Also carries the genetics for seal color, and the silver dilution gene.
Bold, proud, stubborn, resilient.
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Pack History
Atna, Kuzkwa, Tuketu, Ankti, his wives. Nisga, Tseax, Huata, his children. Skoonka, a rival.
Blackwater River Herd (Spring 2012 — Summer 2015)
Hoshor Plains Herd (Summer 2015 — Fall 2017)
Rogue (Current)
Profile of Nechako: Additional Information
*The horses living on the Chilcotin Plateau in western Canada have not been formally recognized by the BC government, but have been present since the 1500s and were primarily used by the Salish during the gold rush.

(Also I think they're more like fat ponies.)

The plateau horse of the Canadian west coast has genetic ties to both the Berber Horse (a hardy African breed), the wild Prezewalski (a Mongolian breed from the steppes of central Asia and Siberia), and some breeds of horse found in France.

Reference information here and here
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