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RIP Snowberry
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Basic Info
Full Name: Snowberry
Subspecies: Lepus americanus pallidus — Snowshoe Hare
Sex: Male
Age: 6 (May 2010)
Birthplace: Deepwood Weald
At A Glance
Oh god, who would want to eat that?
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Profile of RIP Snowberry: Details
        A long-haired buck who, at some time or another, had a pristine coat of white in the winter months and the rustiest looking red coat the rest of the year. By his third year he had begun to gray, having outlived many of his kinfolk; and now, having reached the ripe old age of six — nearly seven! — he isn't much of a looker. He is still agile enough to get around, smart enough to avoid capture or kill, and violent enough to keep himself safe when the need arises. The buck's eyes were once both a deep and warm tone of amber-brown, but cataracts have slowly begun to form across his vision. The fringes are blurred now, but he knows his territory well enough to not need his eyes as desperately as others of his kind.
Other rabbits used to think he was hot stuff; now he's like one of those crazy old war vets that you feel the need to listen to (to appease them) but generally you avoid because they make you feel awkward. And then you feel bad because you want to go home and have a nap but instead you're forced to listen to one of their droning stories about the good ol' days or, like, some far-fetched tale about a war you've never heard of.
Pack History
Snowberry was born and raised within the Deepwood Warren alongside his sister Lewisia and brothers Wakerobin, Avens, and Oxalis. Their parents are the deceased doe Hollyhock, and buck Milfoil. Over the years Snowberry has bedded too many does to count, and has fathered quite a collection of children. Most of them are presumed to be dead, but the rest are scattered.
Deepwood Warren
Coconut Grove Warren — Wide Patrol member.
The Sentinels — Owsla Officer, Captain, Supreme Captain.
Chimaera FieldsHlessi.
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