Profile of Calloon: Quick Facts
Basic Info
Full Name: Calloon Mono (CALL-oon)
Subspecies: Plenty
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (15 May 2015)
Birthplace: MonoSini mountainside
At A Glance
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Profile of Calloon: Details
Very slender – bones are visible under his thin layer of fat. If he gets to eat normally again, he will strengthen up a bit, but will never become a strong, bulking mass of importance and grace. He is nimble and ghost-like, and his height is average. Not small, yet not towering either.

Main Coat:
A soft grey – ghost-like, like his whole appearance.

Coat pattern(s):
A lighter grey paints a full mask on his sunken face, dripping down over his throat, chest and even belly. His brows are white, and the bit under his eyes are the same colour. He sports some silver hackles too, but for the rest, he is pretty bland.

Also a light grey, albeit a little darker than the rest of him, but the rings around his pupils are a striking golden – Bigger than normal, also.

Many types of scars – mostly on his back, legs and neck. Bite marks are also littered across his body, many in his neck but they’re found almost everywhere on his young vessel. His tongue is also missing, but it is usually not noticed at the first encounter.

Growls, snarls, howls, whines, chuffs and many more basic wolf noises. Speaking, however, he cannot.

His beaten-up, ghost-like frame and coloration. The golden rings around his pupils.

Colour Palette:

**Linart by Eredhys**

Human Counterpart: Twelve (Zankyou no Terror)

Humble · Peaceful · Expressive · Caring · Dreamy · Hesitant · Calm · Loyal · Strongminded · Determined · Passionate · Trustworthy

Calloon, while having a fairly dark past, is a peaceful spirit. He wishes only but that the honest survive – the loyal will not be treated as slaves and that everyone could live in a relatively calm and balanced way. His body and mind were tortured, but he has overcome his fears and has forgiven his past tormentors. He now sees that his own homeland was in the wrong too, and that all the hatred for the Sinis had been for nothing. He dreams of friends to call his own – others to care for as they care for him. Despite this, he is very hesitant with strangers. He is not shy, just unsure if the other shares the dream of friendship as well. In the hottest situations, Calloon is calmness itself and has a strong opinion on everything, even though he is not able to verbally share them. One can always trust this loyal creature with secrets, for he does not speak. He would never betray, perhaps only abandon, and is determined to change his fate with all that he has.

Two tribes, a seemingly endless war – life was hell for both parties involved in the Mono-Sini battle. The Monos were trained healers and thinkers, but the Sinis were strategists and outstanding fighters. What the one lacked, the other had specialized. It was frustrating, amazingly difficult and life-ruining. Calloon was a young adult when he finally understood the seriousness of the war, having seen their fighters come back wounded and bloodied – the stench of the enemy strong on their coats and their eyes either dull or spastic. A new fire starting burning in the youngest son of the Mononikas (leader of the Monos). As youngest, he knew he was no Irimon (heir), but he still felt like doing something. And so, he was given his first scouting mission – he was to travel to the hunting grounds near the Sini territory and see if there were Sinis actively hunting. He was young and naïve, and should’ve scented the group of Sinis before it had been too late – but that did not happen. He was spotted and questioned, but the ghost kept his mouth shut. It was told many times that it was forbidden to talk to the Sinis, even more so when one was on a mission. They started pushing him, nipping his flesh, and Calloon fought back. But one against four was no fair fight, and thus he was defeated and forced to come along to the Sinis dungeons. They were caves in the mountain they lived under – guarded day and night and doors made out of heavy rocks that required two adults to move. He was left there, in the dark for at least a day.

The Sinikas (leader of the Sinis) came to speak with him the following day, but talking he would not. He had sworn a vow of silence, to himself and his homeland. This did not suite the Sinikas very well though, and he ordered his cruellest wolves to torture the words out of him. He was bitten, dragged and his flesh was torn open in several places. They pulled his fur, limbs and tail and poked their noses repeatedly in his face as if to nudge him – encourage him to speak. But Calloon was loyal to the bone. Five days and nights passed of endless torture and humiliation. They pissed on him, threatened to kill his family and whole pack if it were needed. They even went as far as to hunt down his sister and brought her head back to him. It was the most terrifying, cruellest thing he had ever seen. To think that giving away his homeland could have prevented his dear sister from getting killed was utterly maddening, and it was the stinking of his rotting sister’s head that took away his voice. Traumatized, weak and dying, he saw only two ways out. Either beg for mercy, or make himself useless to them. He did the latter, biting his own tongue until it was slightly ripped. They had left him alone with his sister’s head for the night, but he knew the guards were still out there. He silently and slowly ripped out his own tongue – stopping the bleeding by pushing all that was left up. To stop the swelling, he pushed it against cold rocks. If it had not been winter, all be it a mild one, this would not have been possible, but Calloon found luck in the strangest of places. It cost him a lot of blood, pain and sweat but he had achieved what he thought impossible. It brought him pride – even if he realized that he would never in his life be able to speak again.

The morning after, the guards came to check up on him when they saw the small pool of blood and the hump of muscle and flesh that had been Calloon’s tongue. They scampered out of the dungeon, closing it up again, to tell their leader. The Sinikas was quick to arrive, inspecting the ghost that was Calloon with disgrace and hatred. “He is of no use to us anymore.” The Sinikas said. “Get rid of him – the river should do.” And so, the guards carried the starving mute to the nearby river and threw him in. He drifted, weak and cold, further away than he had ever walked. It was the end, he thought, but fate had other plans.

He woke up with his wounds tended to and a rocky roof above his head – his fur not even damp anymore. A soothing woman’s voice hummed a sweet melody, making him realize he was not in the dungeons anymore. But if he were not there, where was he? Little did he know the old lady had carried his dying frame out of the river, finding out that he was still breathing and his heart was still pumping. Luckily the torturers had not fatally wounded him and had only weakened him, otherwise he had been a goner. The lady was called Kiralo (Jewels) and was a traitor to the Mono pack. She had fled the war and had settled near the river because it was such a peaceful place. She quickly figured out Calloon was a mute and of the Mono pack as well, and had promised him to strengthen him up a bit.

A month of peace passed. Calloon and the woman found a way to communicate just by expressions and body language, and it were the most treasured days of his short past. But dreams ended, much like nightmares did, and the wonder that overtook him each time he stared further south became stronger. Now that he could hunt and travel again, the only thing keeping him there were the bond between him and his old caretaker. But Kiralo understood. “It’s nothing for a young bird to be cooped up here forever – go, my ghost, see all that life has to offer.” She said, having seen him staring again. Calloon ran up to her for a hug, his tail wagging but his eyes glimmering with both happy and sad tears. “Toughen up, my ghost, you’ve gone through enough hardships already.” The whole story, she did not know, but she knew her words to be true. Calloon agreed, but it took him one full night to truly say goodbye.

On his own, humble, peaceful and quiet, the ghost travelled further than he thought his legs could carry him. Sunset, sundown – all was leading him elsewhere, and a certain place called his name.
Pack History
Biological Parents:
Rigina Mono ♀ x Caleb Mono ♂

Older Siblings:
(June 15 2014)

Kitty Mono ♀ - Sniper Mono ♀ - Dunk Mono ♂

(May 15 2015)

Herc Mono ♂ - Desi Mono ♀ - Parkin Mono ♂

Younger Siblings:
(February 5 2016)

Kinai Mono ♂ - Gabby Mono ♀

Mono Mountainside

· Birth - Young adult

Sini Mountainside

· Prisoner

Lone Wolf

? - January 2017


Theta (17 January 2017 - 19 February 2017)
· Eta (19 February 2017 - 7 March 2017)
· Epsilon (7 March 2017 - 5 April 2017)
· Delta (5 April 2017 - 25 May 2017)
· Zeta (25 May 2017 - 12 June 2017)
· Delta (12 June 2017 - Now)
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