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Basic Info
Full Name: Jomyo Eizokusei
Subspecies: ½ Arctic × ½ Mackenzie Valley
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (July 22, 2015)
Birthplace: Shikkotsurin
At A Glance
Small, multi-colored agouti female. Pale blue eyes.
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Profile of Jomyo: Details
Below average height with a slim-to-medium build, she has light blue eyes and variegated grey and tan agouti fur over a white undercoat. In most seasons, richer, reddish cedar browns are prevalent along her sides, neck, ears, and snout with shocks of darker gray at her topline. She has no noteworthy scars, and is not particularly expressive. (ref) (art by jennifer)
A bright mind, she has learned to be adaptable. Tenacious and intuitive at her heart. Can be pessimistic and moody if it strikes her. Likes to go fast. Sometimes a bit unlucky.
The lastborn runt of her litter but not lacking in presence, the littlest sister grew up close to her siblings. With a powerful pack supporting them, they were groomed for success — more specifically in their litter's case, trained to be the best support as scouts. Then they were encouraged to leave the homeland early in life to find themselves good, valuable teachers of many skills. Most of the siblings have done just that, roaming and temporarily pledging their allegiances when and wherever necessary. Jomyo continued this trend readily upon finding the Teekon wilds.
Pack History
Parents: Kirei Masurao-Yukinoyounishiroi ♀ & Mazu Eizokusei ♂
Siblings: 07/22/2015: Rinzai Eizokusei ♂, Hakuin Eizokusei ♂, Ikkyu Eizokusei ♂, Myoko Eizokusei ♀
Cousins: Amekaze Rikudou-Ostrega ♀, Kaminari Rikudou ♂, among others

Mate: --
Offspring: --
(family tree)
Shikkotsurin (07/22/15 to 02/02/16) » Lhanreath
(02/03/16 to 08/14/16) » Lone Wolf (08/15/16 to 10/29/16) » Skullsmarke (10/30/16 to 02/14/17) » Lone Wolf (02/14/17 to 10/29/17) » Tindómë (10/29/17 to 05/19/18) » Lone Wolf (05/19/18 to present)
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♘ (she's usually a pretty low priority character for me)
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