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Basic Info
Full Name: Ares Convel
Subspecies: Mixed Species
Sex: Male
Age: 2 Years (June 1, 2014)
Birthplace: North of Teekon
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Ares is an average sized male, tall and strong. He's got thick midnight fur that covers his entire body, except for a small golden russet patch on his chest. His eyes are a rich gold honey color, and in his right eye there is a a slight aquamarine blue ring around his pupil. He's a handsome male, with a healthy and hearty build.

Ares is a lot like his older sister Nemisis personality wise. He doesn't trust others easily, he's full of himself, and his wrath isn't something one wishes to invoke. He's extremely vengeful and can hold a grudge for a long long time. However he's much more mellow than his sister, he's quite relaxed most of the time, at least until he becomes angry. When Ares is in that relaxed state he's actually not that bad of company. He can be friendly even, humorous in a sarcastic manner, and flirtatious. He does have the tendency to be brutally honest all the time, and he doesn't really give a shit who's feelings he hurts by doing so. The only people he cares about are his closest friends, and here aren't very many of those. He's more of a rebel than a rule follower, he doesn't want to be a leader but he certainly doesn't want to be a follower either. He likes his freedom, and being able to do his own thing is crucial.
Ares was born on June 1st of 2014, in Blackwater Ridge. He was raised to be a good warrior, and his physical prowess did excel, but Ares much preferred his mental capabilities to his strength. Either way he became a mercenary, and fought well for his pack. His older sister Nemisis became commander, and Ares was next in line. He wasn't necessarily excited to be in the leading position, but he would if he had to.

Nemisis in Ares's eyes was a great commander, but not too many other felt that way after she killed a few wolves she didn't like. She was kicked out of the pack, and Ares rose to power. Now those who disliked Nem form the start, they disliked Ares even more. He shirked his responsibilities, and basically did whatever he want. He thought that since he was commander, they had no right to tell him what to do, so he didn't really listen to anyone. One day Ares got into an argument with the pack's lieutenant over something trivial, and the arguement escalated into fight. Ares killed the lieutenant, and when word got out the pack was furious. He was chased out of Blackwater Ridge, and was warned never to return. He's been wandering on his own ever since.
Pack History
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SIBLINGS: Nemesis Blackfeather, Althaia Convel
NIECES: Keoni, Witchhazel, Astrid
NEPHEWS: Atshen, Keelut, Abraxas, Nikai
BLACKWATER RIDGE 6/1/14 - 12/12/16 (whelp → juvenile → lieutenant → commander → kicked out)
LONE WOLF 12/12/16 - 2/26/17
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