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Basic Info
Full Name: Eirlys Dagny Fearghal
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 0.75 (April 1, 2017)
Birthplace: Hideaway Strath
At A Glance
[Image: UyNgSUk.png]
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Profile of Eirlys: Details
General Appearance
Eirlys is a study in softness and curves, with a plush, insulated pelt that obscures her mesomorphic physique. Pert, rounded ears and an abundance of fluff lend her a perpetually chubby-cheeked appearance and soften the stubborn set of her jaw. She is a vanilla crème confection with a splash of mocha and espresso at her withers that spills warmly along her spine and gradates toward a delicate milk tea at her hips. Calling to mind a seal point cat, her ears, legs, and tail are dusted in a rich dark chocolate, and a spade-shaped mask of the same hue provides an arresting backdrop for her pleochroic wintertide eyes. Each paw is capped in fur as white and fine as powdered sugar.

Current Condition
A thickset yet fleet-footed adolescent whose long months of inactivity have slowed her reaction times to various stimuli and significantly affected her endurance [and her waistline].

Voice & Accent
Evanna Lynch
[Image: FP3JDsE.gif]

Eirlys is a natural ambivert with a bright imagination and an intense, unshakable proclivity for roving, but her self-imposed leitmotif is repression. Having lost her twin, two sisters, and both of her parents to misadventure, she has grown to loathe and fear her intrinsic wanderlust in equal measure. To combat it, she remains as introverted and withdrawn as possible, a reluctant ascetic fashioning a crude illusion of solemn stability. Although she lacks her mother’s ability to manipulate her own thoughts and feelings to suit her circumstance, the snowdrop is a paragon of discipline and rarely breaks free of her self-inflicted shackles. Convinced that there is no other way to salvage the splintered remains of her family, she grows more and more listless as the days wear on.
Pack History
         Paternal: Cynbel and Boadicea
         Maternal: Aksel and Dorthe

         Parents: Arturo and Lotte
         Godmother: Hemlock
         Adopted Siblings: Chusi , Tapat
         Littermates: Mallaidh , Roarke , Ceallach
         Half-Siblings: Bain , Bowie , Cearney , Devin , Droman , Reed

         Uncles: Lærke, Dagfinn, Bård
         Aunts: Tove

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Profile of Eirlys: Additional Information
[Image: R1KiN9r.jpg]
Eirlys’ color progression is inspired by Ragdoll kittens.
Chart taken from this episode of
Simon’s Cat Logic.

This odd phenomenon is unique to the Ansbjørn family of the Enok Tundra and appears to occur at an accelerated rate in comparison to felines with the same characteristic. The greatest change is seen between the ages of three months, six months, eight months, and twelve months, at which point the pattern is considered set. Cubs possessing this trait are born white and begin developing color on their extremities first, then in variegated intensity on the rest of their bodies. In drastic cases, a wolf may look so dramatically different from one stage to the next that it is possible to masquerade as a separate individual — particularly if the wolf in question is a natural thespian.

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