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Basic Info
Full Name: Aoife Lyall (EE - fa")
Subspecies: Plenty
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (June 16th 2015)
Birthplace: Glowing Raven Cave
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[Image: FPAucp3.jpg]

Short in stature, but certainly dangerous - this young woman has some brute strength while still making it look feminine.

Main coat:
A soft tawny - mostly on her underside and legs.

Coat patterns:
The top of her nose and her ears are a fiery orange and she carries a mask of greys and black around her eyes and on her forehead. Her brows are a lighter tawny. Her mane is spotted with black, and that same pattern creates a magnificent cloak on her saddle area all the way over to her tail. Between her shoulders lays a blanket of light grey, and the tip of her tail looks like it has been dipped in ink.

A faded light blue that shifts to a soft shade of purple in the right lighting.

Her pale eyes that create a nice contrast with the intense orange of her ears and muzzle.

[Image: FejFB1u.jpg]
Human Counterpart: Star Butterfly (SvTFoE) Voice: Reference

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Born in Glowing Raven Cave as the only female, Aoife was raised as a little princess. Soon though, she found that that role didn't quite fit her and ran away from home. She kept her name and pride, but hopes to change for the better in a place where others will allow her to be herself.
Pack History
Biological Parents:
Cormag Lyall ♂ x Elspet Lyall ♀

Eoin Lyall ♂ - Ewan Lyall ♂

Glowing Raven

· Princess

Lone Wolf

· Runaway
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