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RIP Njal
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Basic Info
Full Name: Njal "Palestrike" Sveijarn
Subspecies: Russian Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 8 (Spring 2009)
Birthplace: Markarth Peak
At A Glance
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Profile of RIP Njal: Details
• standard gray agouti pelt
• some tan on the legs and face, giving him a subtle warmth
• old scar across bridge of nose; another on the top of his head near the base of his right ear; a pinkish but healed scar running down the right side of his face, missing the eye just barely.
• various small, healed wounds all across his body
• rugged, agile, built like a warrior (a little aged)
• occasionally feels ghost pain in his hip and limps his hind right leg

Due to the Storm BWP Njal dislocated his hip, and broke the leg on the same side. Although it healed fine, he was left with ghost pain that often ruined his mood.
[Image: tumblr_inline_mxaud8jyur1rg0g8s.gif]
• Was born in Russia, on Markarth Peak.
• During his "trials" with his siblings, humans observing the pack chose to collect specimens for study. He was darted and briefly apprehended.
• Released in the Seahawk Valley at 2 years of age.
• Joined various packs - most notably, rose to prominence in a warrior group called Kindred, where he met Tuwawi.
• Gradually slipped in to wanderlust, coming and going through the valley.
• Made his way to the Teekon Wilds where he reunited with Tuwawi.
• Joined Swiftcurrent Creek.
• Decided to leave the Creek in order to start a family with Tuwawi - they take Duskfire Glacier.
• The children arrive and for a while, he is truly happy.
• Bobcats in the area are offended by the presence of wolves; they attack the children, abducting his son Larus.
• Njal attempts to hunt down his son; around this time, Tuwawi is abducted by humans.
• Without leaders, the Glacier pack finds replacements, and Njal continues to hunt.
• He returns to the Glacier to find that Tuwawi has been returned to them. He hopes that with the aid of some travelers of Tartok, he can restore the Glacier. But Tuwawi admonishes his efforts and he abandons the Wilds for a time.
• Returns after some time away, and joins Redhawk Caldera.
• Struggles to connect to the pack. When a great storm hits, he is pinned by a tree and does not return to the pack for some time.
• After recovering at the Caldera, he wanders off once more. Upon returning, Peregrine declines to let him re-join.
• Njal heads for the coast as winter hits, where he meets Vlad. He agrees to join Saltwinter in order to survive.
• Once spring arrives, he departs from Saltwinter with no real goal; he eventually wanders out of the Wilds entirely.
• He returns just after the locust invasion.
• The ensuing famine wears him down. Although he survives until the herds return, Njal's path eventually draws him away from home, to his final resting place.
Pack History
Tuwawi "Proudheart" Sveijarn (estranged wife).
Father to Jökull, Valtýr, Maera, and Lárus.
MARKARTH PEAK • Pup, Subordinate, Adept, Hunter.
LONE WOLF • Wakes up in Seahawk Valley.
KINDRED • Sunwalker.
LONE WOLF • Wanderlust takes him.
SWIFTCURRENT CREEK • Mu, Delta, Gamma, Eta, Delta (Warden), Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Beta, Gamma, Delta.
LONE WOLF • Heartbroken, he leaves the glacier; when he returns he is scorned, so he leaves for good.
REDHAWK CALDERA • Epsilon, Delta, Zeta, Epsilon.
LONE WOLF • Kicked out of RHC by Peregrine after vanishing for too long.
SALTWINTER • Joined a band of hungry rogues in order to survive winter.
LONE WOLF • With the arrival of Spring, Njal departs Saltwinter - and leaves the Wilds.
NEVERWINTER FOREST • Returns to the Teekon Wilds and joins up with a friendly pack, intent on living out the remainder of his life in peace.
DEATH • Nearing the end of the famine, Njal's time comes, and he wanders off in pursuit of Tuwawi — and better days — and his heart gives out.
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