Profile of Soltero: Quick Facts

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Swiftcurrent Creek

Basic Info
Full Name: Soltero Valento
Subspecies: Timber Wolf (50%), Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf (50%)
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (28/03/2017)
Birthplace: Silver Creek, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Soltero: Details
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Soltero bears a coat of medium grey, only a touch darker than his mother, with a little mask of white that covers part of his face and the front of his chest. His front paws, too, are dipped in white as though he's stepped in a can of paint. Along his back is an arrow-like shape of a dark grey (almost black), and overall he sports an average build with a handsome face. Eyes of apple green like his father, Soltero has a similar angular, chiseled face, with a bad boy smile that he unknowingly also gained from his dad.
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Incredibly determined, Soltero has gained the strength of a wolf that has seen many troubles - perhaps it has made him wiser, or perhaps he is simply bitter over the great losses he has suffered and the loneliness he has felt. A daydreamer at heart, the young man often can be caught stuck in his thoughts and fantasies, but will grow irritable if his motives are questioned. He has a difficult time putting his ideas into words, but when given a task can accomplish it with relative ease... if it benefits him or someone he cares for, that is. He is sarcastic and can be fun company if you're lucky enough to be on his good side, and if he really likes you you might even catch a glimpse of his charming, flirtatious side.

Born from a mother who was forced into coupling by a male, Soltero grew up without a father figure. His mother did her best to raise him despite only having three legs after one was ripped from her body, but relied on her packmates to help because she couldn't quite function like she used to. Solly had no siblings (the ones who were born alongside him were stillborn), so life was fairly lonely from a young age despite the close bond he had with his mother.

When he had only just turned two months old, his birth pack disbanded and Skylaris took her son and left the Teekon in search of somewhere else to call home. They stopped at various packs but did not stay at any for an extended period of time - He was young and his mother had a disability, so few would allow them to stay because they could not contribute much to the pack. They traveled great distances, but Sky struggled to hunt and after a few months of switching between packs it became clear to see that the mother would not make it much longer on three legs due to exhaustion and lack of food. She dropped Soltero at the next pack before leaving to pass away in peace, not wishing for her son to see her corpse once her last breath had escaped her lungs.

The wolves he had been left with were kind enough, but Soltero could not put his trust in any. During her life and their travels, his mother had told him stories of a man named Mawk Saefyn, who Skylaris had considered a sibling and best friend, alongside his mate Illecebra. In one last desperate attempt at finding where he belonged, the boy set off in search of those two wolves, praying they would be alive and how his mother had described them to be.
Pack History
Mother: Skylaris Valento
Father: Nico
Siblings: None
Adoptive Uncle & Aunt: Mawk and Illecebra Saefyn

Silver Creek - (Youth) - Rho, Pi (Up), Omicron (Up)
Lone Wolf
Thistlerow Pack - Yearling
Lone Wolf
Swiftcurrent Creek - Theta, Eta (up), Zeta (up), Gamma (up), Beta (up)
Profile of Soltero: Additional Information
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