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Basic Info
Full Name: Artaax Drakru
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (March 19th, 2017)
Birthplace: Drageda
At A Glance
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Profile of Artaax: Details

Artaax greatly resembles the father he doesn't know that he has with his mostly white coat and cream undertone. A dark mask covers his muzzle, fading up to his mismatched orange (right) and cornflower blue (left) eyes. He has grown into a large, well-muscled wolf with thick fur and a stoic expression painted almost constantly across his face.

He sports a marking on his right shoulder that signifies his accomplishments as a warrior of Drageda. He has scars deep beneath his fur from run-ins with different enemies, but none that mar his visage.
Artaax is a soft-spoken, bold, inquisitive wolf. He is generally mild-tempered, though protective, stubborn, a little obsessive and highly determined. He covets the praise and attention of those he loves, which motivates him to be competitive, but impeccably obedient. He is highly devoted to his family and to his pack and puts his protection of them first and foremost above all else, including his own opinions about their actions. He has no patience for disobedience, no concept for social awkwardness, and no filter when it comes to calling either of those things out, if the effort seems worthwhile (it usually doesn't).
Pack History
Parents: Wildfire(w/ Dio ♂) & Thuringwethil
Littermates: Antler ♂, Blixen ♀, Pheonix ♂, Robin "Bobby"
Offspring: Deiyon (Sunlight) Drakru ♀, Rona (River) Drakru ♀ & Strikfaya (Little Fire) Drakru ♀ (with Thaena ♀ 2019)
Felthraax ♂ & Axyl ♂(with Vylari ♀ 2020)

DRAGEDA03/19/17 - present
Profile of Artaax: Additional Information
Please keep in mind when reading Artaax's threads:

All posts are intended to be written from Artaax's perspective, which tends to be a little delusional in keeping with his personality. Please take any description of IC events with a grain of salt as the way Artaax perceives things is not necessarily an accurate depiction of what occurred.

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