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Basic Info
Full Name: Scylla Meldresii* Melonii         [SIL] + [UH]
Subspecies: Arctic X Mackenzie
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (24/05/2019)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance
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Profile of Scylla: Details
*middle name is an ode to her paternal grandmother meldresi melonii

hidden beneath a thick, creamy coat of night lies a strong frame; tall and angular. inherits her father's stone-cold yet eerily vacant gaze -- a frozen lake trapping and killing everything in it. her gait, a gaunt prowl. she will inherit her father's impressive size and strength but not until she has reached full growth. transitioning from puppy to adulthood and winter to summer, her coat has begun to lighten and develop more of diverse palette of dark colours in coordination with her parent's appearance. wayward tuffs of dark tan & grey sprout from her spine & her chest. currently: missing a toe from an elk hunt gone wrong.
as for personality...
often severe in nature, unpredictable and ill-mannered. whilst not outright chaotic, she consistently flips between what is moral and what is in her own self interest. inherits her mothers stoicism, causing her her to come off as standoffish & distant. on the other hand, she is fiercely intelligent, curious and reasonable. the noble demon.

Quote: scylla— a girl who does not mince words, who has not been afforded the luxury of childhood.
Pack History
vaati x cassiopeia
littermate: hela
(via vaati x grezig) tizir & xizur
blackfeather woods
        ↳ birth - approx. 4 months

Profile of Scylla: Additional Information
[Image: 35212055f259a1ce79c33c5f710a20d84d297b1f.jpg]

inside it Scylla sits and yelps with a voice that you might take to be that of a young hound, but in truth she is a dreadful monster and no one--not even a god--could face her without being terror-struck.
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