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Basic Info
Full Name: Fox Redhawk — Nicknames: Lil' Weenie, Firecrotch (Peregrine); Nimble Paws (Scimitar); Red (Rosalyn "Starling")
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years+ (20 Jan 2013)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
At a Glance
Fox is tiny! She's a rust-colored girl with a pretty-much constant smirk on her face. She has unremarkable grey eyes. She is not what most would consider beautiful (despite what Peregrine might think).
Profile of RIP Fox: Details

Artwork by Zyn
This tiny girl has rusty-colored fur and grey eyes. She's very small (just 63 lbs.), but makes up for it with her snarky personality.

Scars & injuries
— left ear has a nick in it (from fighting a bit too rough with one of her sisters)
— scar on the top of her head (from Jinx)
— scar that extends from her left shoulder across her back and sideways along her torso (from a cougar)
— faint scar on chest (from Jace)
— large patchy scar between shoulder blades (from Ferdie)
— scar on face (from a cougar)
— cloudy right eye, partial vision (from a locust)
TRUE NEUTRAL · Fox is a territorial, possessive, and demanding wolf. She does not like to listen to others talk, nor does she often take others' opinions into consideration unless they have garnered her loyalty or she feels she owes them a debt. She is quick to judge and acts on her first instinct. She can be paranoid that others are out to overthrow her and steal away what she believes is hers. Fox has a hard time remembering specific details and names, due to the fact that she doesn't deem them important unless it has something to do with her. If somebody attempts to spew a lengthy speech at her, she will either cut them short, tune it out, or simply walk away. Fox will rarely accept healing beyond simple cleaning.
She was born, then she left home when she was close to turning one year old. Upon arriving in the Teekon Wilds, she joined Swiftcurrent Creek on a whim and was one of its founding members. Not long after, the Alpha (Lethe) drowned herself, and Fox (again, on a whim) stepped up to become the creek's second Alpha.

After various conflicts with both Jace and Ferdie, who were members of the creek, she finally told them to get lost. They founded their own pack, The Sunspire, which Fox was not happy about, believing it to be much too close to Swiftcurrent Creek. She assaulted them for months until they finally captured two creek members: Magpie and Leaf. Fox returned to the creek and fell asleep next to her romantic interest, Haunter, only to awaken to his dead body.

Artwork by Starr
In a daze, she traveled to Blacktail Deer Plateau, leaving the creek in a state of frenzy. She was greeted by Peregrine, a frienemy she'd known for quite some time and who had shown interest in her since he had split up with his former mate, Hawkeye. Feeling that she owed him something in return, Fox offered herself.

Upon returning to the creek a few days later, Fox was met by Bazi, who challenged her authority. They fought, and in the end, Bazi claimed the crown. Fox returned to the plateau with Peregrine, where she was immediately given the title of Beta. Many of the plateau members, including the Alpha female, were not pleased with this, and there was much unrest. Even so, Blue Willow offered Fox the Alpha rank less than a month after she had arrived.

Fox spent another month at Blacktail Deer Plateau before finally admitting to Peregrine that she was unhappy there and did not feel like she could ever be at peace until they found something that they both loved. They set out to find something, and when Fox slipped and injured herself on an icy edge of Redhawk Caldera, they claimed it as their own.

Artwork by Laur
Fox gave birth her first litter (Derp, Nightjar, Wildfire, and Raven) in late February. Derp died less than a week after his birth, but Nightjar, Wildfire, and Raven grew like weeds during their first few months. In May, Peregrine brought Junior into the caldera after she tricked him into thinking that she meant no harm. Junior then attempted to hurt Wildfire, and Peregrine ripped Junior's head off. At that point, Fox booted Peregrine to the bottom of the ranks, demanded that all wolves of the caldera train to be either wardens or warriors, and told Perry he could return to his former status once one of his children had gained the title of warden or warrior. Around this time, Fox learned that her best friend and Beta, Finley, was pregnant with Elwood's children, causing another ripple in Redhawk Caldera.

In the summer of 2015, Peregrine, Fox, and the Firebirds adopted the surname "Redhawk." The rest of the summer and fall went by without many ripples. Fox and Peregrine thought they may have conceived in early October, something Fox was particularly glad did not pan out. Wildfire left Redhawk Caldera and moved to Moonspear, and Raven seemingly vanished shortly after. Smack-dab in the middle of winter, Fox and Peregrine again tried for children with more appropriate timing.

Four boys were born to Fox and Peregrine in late February of 2016: Ferret, Gannet, Whip-poor-will, and Peter Pan Redhawk. In late April, a locust swarm swept through the Teekon Wilds while Fox was checking in on Wildfire in Moonspear. She was met by a stranger who claimed that Wifi no longer lived there. Before she had time to ask questions, a locust flew into her right eye, giving her a nasty infection and eventually resulting in the loss of partial vision in that eye.

Just a few days into June, during the famine, Peter was found, killed, and eaten by an intruder. Not long after, Ferret attempted to kill Peregrine and was promptly chased out. Not long after, while attempting to conceive their next litter, Peregrine died. In a surprising turn of events, Raven returned the day after her father died. Another wolf, Kaizer, showed up the same day, and Fox ended up boning him to assure that she was pregnant. It is unclear if the resulting litter is Peregrine's or Kaizer's (or both).

After a fairly chaotic pregnancy, Fox died during childbirth on January 1, 2017.

Crestwood traditions
— Names are not given until pups are 3-4 weeks old.
— Pups are named after whatever animal they resemble.
— Last names are not given to girls. Instead, they take their mate's name.
— Bastard children are always killed, no matter the circumstances. Those who have bastards are often shunned by the pack.

Artwork by Stevie
Peregrine Redhawk (July 2014October 2016)

Born February 22, 2015: Unnamed , Nightjar Redhawk , Wildfire Attica "Dhole" Redhawk , Raven Haunt Redhawk
Born February 29, 2016: Ferret Redhawk , Gannet Redhawk , Whip-poor-will Redhawk , Peter Pan Redhawk , Jackrabbit Redhawk*
Born January 1, 2017: Oriole Redhawk , Orca Redhawk , Titmouse "Screech" Redhawk , Towhee Redhawk , Phox Redhawk , Stoat Redhawk
* Jackrabbit is not a biological child, nor was he born on the same day as her actual litter, but Fox assumes he is her own.

Coon Crestwood and Amelia Crestwood

Born May 5, 2012: Robin , Bandit Crestwood
Born January 20, 2013: Dove , Finch
Born May 12, 2014: Ermine , Panther Crestwood
Born March 17, 2015: Sifaka Crestwood , Indri Crestwood , Dingo Crestwood , Chipmunk "Chip"
Born January 23, 2016: Goshawk Crestwood , Flycatcher Crestwood , Goose , Toad
All of Fox's siblings are adoptable! Just send me a PM if you're interested.

Children of Coon Crestwood and Raven Corvidae
Born December 21, 2013: Magpie Corvidae , Rook Corvidae , Crow Corvidae , Jackdaw Corvidae
Pack History

Swiftcurrent Creek
2014-01-27 · Nu
2014-02-04 · Epsilon
2014-02-10 · Delta
2014-02-21 · Alpha

Blacktail Deer Plateau
2014-07-26 · Beta
2014-08-14 · Alpha

Redhawk Caldera
2014-10-03 · Alpha

2017-01-01 · Dead

These are IC dates. OOC dates may differ slightly, especially concerning time between packs.
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