Profile of Ceallach: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Ceallach Mathan Fearghal
Subspecies: Mixed (coyote, northern rocky mtns., mackenzie valley wolf, etc)
Sex: Male
Age: 0.11 (April 2017)
Birthplace: Hideaway Strath
At A Glance
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Profile of Ceallach: Details
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→ melanistic coyote colors/pattern
→ medium albeit svelte build
→ fiery red-orange eyes
→ gray forehead tipped in over-creamed coffee
→ black mask
→ over-creamed coffee throat, chest & areas of his belly
→ black legs, over-creamed coffee toes and tan tipped elbows
→ black patches in his neck fur
→ over-creamed coffee behind-the-shoulder markings, followed by a gray fade to over-creamed coffee dorsal cape
→ dark brown shoulders and thighs
→ dark grey ears
→ black tail tip
credit goes to Rey for bullet description and color reference as Ceallach is a mirror image of his father Arturo
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I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
-pablo neruda - I Do Not Love You

A quiet intensity inside hides the intentions of Ceallach, he can be stern, fiercely protective, a learner who takes knowledge for his benefit and for his family's. He has a wonderful memory, amassing the history of his family and their heritage to pass down to the future generations of the Family. He has aspirations to join his family in leadership, growing into a roll as he finds guiding and teaching very natural to him.

While it's all well and good to have positive outlooks on things there is a harsh side to him. A feral beast, a monster under his skin when it comes to anyone threatening his family or his pack. He is especially protective over his sisters and often can overreact when it comes to the notions of their honor.

for example: Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk
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[Image: z4BnyW.png]° Born to Arturo and Lotte as the last born of their children in Hideaway Strath.
° Ceallach's eyes open.
° The Lotturos are moved to the rendezvous site.
° Roarke goes missing.
° There is a meteor shower, Ceallach and Mallaidh go star hunting.
° Lotte passes away.
° Arturo and Ceallach find Chusi's scent trail near Teaghlaigh but she does not visit. This drives Ceallach into a rage and breaks Arturo mentally.
° The remaining members of Teaghlaigh abandon the Strath and move towards the shore.
° The Fearghal family and it's two accomplices join Undersea.
° His younger half-siblings Droman and Reed are born.
Parents: Arturo & Lotte
Littermates:Roarke, Eirlys, Mallaidh
Younger Siblings: Droman, Reed
Older Siblings: Bain, Devin, Bowie, Cearney
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