Profile of Blue Willow: Quick Facts
Blue Willow
Mate to Lasher
Played By: Danni
Basic Info
Full Name: RIP Blue Willow
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 5 (deceased) (deceased) (May 15, 2011)
Birthplace: Off Site
At a Glance
Blue Willow was a blue gray color, long and lithe with limber legs and a agile body type. Femine yet not fragile.

Profile of Blue Willow: Details
Blue willow cut an impressive figure. She had been large for a female of her breed, she was however filled with feminine grace. With fur as black as can be with blue overtures it fades as you traveled down her lithe frame from blue to gray at her paws. Eyes as green as emerald gems they shone with mirth and mischief, while wisdom peeked out at you. Long of legs with limber and lithe proportions, she was made to run.

Wide set shoulders tapered off into a slimmer waist long and lean. No scars marred her beautiful hide. The glossy blue black that lined her body looked both soft and inviting. Perky ears tufted at the center gave her a girlish appeal.

An open face showed her emotions as they flitted across the bridge of her muzzle and around her eyes. Laugh lines crinkled at the corners of her green gems.
Friendly and outgoing with an open attitude to all. She was a gentle healing wolf by nature, and she prefered wisdom to fighting any day. If one did not know her and she did not know you she stayed quiet and observed rather than spoke. However, when you got past her guard and began to talk to the sweet natured she wolf, she tended to be long winded and talkative. She could hold her end of the conversation on a wide array of topics knowledge was her favorite thing. She wass constantly striving to know more, to learn more and to teach more. She enjoyed life and had a playful side that she only showed to those who are close to her unless there is a pup in the vicinity and then all bets are off and she was as playful as them. Sweet natured as well as kind to those around her, however you didn't want to mistake her kindness for weakness, she would take care of her own if it is both warranted and needed. Not quick to anger when she wass it was a sight to behold. As a wanderer throughout her life, sometimes it seems to be in her very blood. She was always willing to explore other places and see new sites, but she always returned home as that is where her heart lied.
Blue Willow was born on the 15th of May in the year 2011, to her aging parents Sun Spark and Spring Flower. Her father having been a warrior in his past was scarred and wise, and world weary. Her mother was straight laced and prudish at the best of times. Born 2 years before her were her brothers Aris and Alec, the only siblings she had. They were mated and had their own pups by the time she was born. Aris was mated to his pretty pampered princess Flower with 3 pups Shadow, Fleetscut and Breeze. Whereas Alec was mated to Fresia with three girls to his name River, Rona and Marisol.

Blue Willow’s parents were traveling healers and story tellers, gypsies of a sort. They would travel every 3 days to different packs and offer their services in exchange for a warm place to sleep and larger game than they were used too. They ever so often would have trouble one such excursion that to this day, bothers Blue Willow and she has nightmares.

About halfway into her second year she decided it was time to embark on a mission of her own. She was intent upon finding her own home a place she could settle down, a place where she could find laughter and love whilst not moving from place to place. She was paw sore and weary of that life. She had traveled for months finally making it to the borders of BDP where she was met and inducted into the pack on January 28, 2014.

She fought hard to gain her trade of healer, she is working actively on the caretaker and the chronicler trades as well in her pack. She rose rapidly through the ranks of the Plateau counting the Alpha male Peregrine as her best friend. She began to actively seek out a life partner in April and her eye has been caught by her Alpha's brother Atticus as well as by the insistence of his brother Peregrine that they meet. She was promoted to Alpha on June 6, 2014 following the rocky ending of Hawkeye and Peregrine's relationship and the accident that caused Peregrine to have a broken leg.

After her promotion to Alpha, Osprey Junior went missing. She found bones thinking they were Juniors, only to find a few weeks later that she was mistaken. As Junior settled back home at BDP, more changes came for the blue maiden. One of which was the love of her life, her courting male Atticus had an accident. Hitting his head and causing him to come unresponsive around the same time that Peregrine came out with a lover Lasher and a new mate Fox. Blue stepped down from Alpha to care for Atticus full time, taking the beta position from Fox and giving her, her alpha position on the condition that should she find fault with how Fox ran it, she would and could take her position back if talking about it failed.

Just a few weeks after Blue stepped down Fox and Peregrine went off to found their own pack. Leaving the Plateau in turmoil and betrayal. Atticus also disappeared around the same time, and Blue came to a sad but determined realization. She would not be able to have children unless she did not wait for him. So with a slightly heavy heart, but no regrets she agreed to a union and a parenting partnership with Lasher Mayfair. Though she would always long for the love of her life, she could not wait when all evidence pointed to death.

On January 8, 2014 she gave birth to three pups. 2 males twins and a female. Constantine Julien Mayfair, Eilidh Aria Mayfair, and Casmir Llewellyn Mayfair.

The Plateau has been filled with unrest and turmoil, since the leaving of Peregrine and Fox. Lasher and Blue became mates in June much to the happiness of both. When they both realized that their partnership had grown into much more. It is an open relationship, thus far Blue had not sought any other liaisons.

In late winter the pack moved from the plateau to Donnelaith, where Lasher and Blue ascended into leadership. Both happy and expecting a new brood. On Christmas Blue gave birth to two girls Deirdre and Emaleth.

It was soon after this, that Blue Willow in an effort to not hurt those she cared for, and despite her advanced age. She walked into the forest and sadly and happily both laid down and allowed herself to succumb, she had been sick but didn't tell anyone. She knew that Lasher would take care of their daughters.
Mother-Spring Flower
Father- Sun Spark
Two Brothers- Aris and Alec
Brothers mates-Flower, and Fresia
Aris pups-Shadow, Fleetscut, and Breeze
Alex pups- River, Rona, and Merisol
Constantine, Casmir, Eilidh-first litter of her and lasher
Emaleth Deirdre- Second litter of her and lasher.
Pack History
Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack member 1/29/14-present
Eta- 2/17/14
Alpha 6/6/14-8/14/14
Beta 8/14/14-present


Healer: 3/25/2014
Caretaker: 7/13/14
Profile of Blue Willow: Additional Information
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Hello Everyone. It's been forever.
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Mother of Three. Aspiring author, imaginative. Easy going.
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