Profile of Jarilo: Quick Facts
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Mate to Kukutux
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Basic Info
Full Name: Jarilo Ostrega
Subspecies: Β½ Eastern Timber x ΒΌ Mackenzie Valley x ΒΌ Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (May 10, 2017)
Birthplace: Moonspear, Great Bear Wilderness
Profile of Jarilo: Details
Well-proportioned in regards to a distinctly rangy, lean-muscled physique, he very much draws his appearances from his mother, and is prettily refined in his finer details beneath an almost roguish, unbroken poiseβ€”all coated in deep, steely near-black grays that are darkest at his wild-furred shoulders, topline, and legs then with lighter grays on his belly and sides of his neck. Notable against a dark face, his eyes are a familiar minty green as well.
Quick-witted for better and worse, although most content to follow his own natural rhythm, he still knows the meaning of patience well. Jarilo is intuitive, down to earth, and enduring. He needs time to reach his depths, as his relative inexperience puts him at conflict with himself sometimes, but he is deep, curious, and ready to act loyally for a greater cause; he does like to show off his teeth, and has been trained from birth to be strong survivalistβ€”one not afraid to strike.
Like his sisters before him, he was born the night of a full moon on the mountain claimed by his parents, Moonspear. He was their first son..
Grandparents: Yuurei Oyama β™€βœ, Makyo Eizokusei β™‚βœ,
Julooke Imperii-d'Erom β™€βœ & Verrine Ostrega β™‚βœ
Parents: Amekaze Rikudou-Ostrega β™€βœ & Charon Ostrega β™‚βœ
Full Siblings:
08/18/2016: Korei Julia Ostrega β™€βœ, Alya Ostrega ♀, Lyra Ostrega ♀, Hydra Ostrega ♀
05/10/2017: Vela Ostrega ♀, Galaxy Ostrega β™€βœ, Ran Ostrega β™€βœ
03/31/2018: Arcturus Ostrega β™‚, Yama Ostrega ♀, Yami Ostrega ♀, Uyo Revui Ostrega β™‚βœ
Half Siblings:
09/10/2016: Keoni β™€βœ, Nikai β™‚ (Althaia β™€βœ Γ— Charon β™‚)
12/21/2016: Koume Melonii ♀, Kotake Melonii ♀ (Potema ♀ Γ— Charon β™‚)
06/30/2019: Castor Cambria β™‚, Acheron Cambria β™‚, Spica Cambria ♀, Syrma Cambria ♀ (Speedy ♀ Γ— Charon β™‚)

Mate: Kukutux ♀
Offspring: 05/21/2020: Sialuk Ostrega ♀, Saviguk Ostrega β™‚
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Pack History
Moonspear (05/10/2017 β€” ??)

Mercenary (guardian)
Naturalist (ecologist, botanist)
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