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Basic Info
Full Name: Jarilo Ostrega
Subspecies: Β½ Eastern Timber x ΒΌ Mackenzie Valley x ΒΌ Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (May 10, 2017)
Birthplace: Moonspear, Great Bear Wilderness
At A Glance
Deep, dark gray, darkest at his shoulders and legs then slightly lighter on his belly. Eyes are a sharp green, he is of average height, build muscled, but still lean. Almost prettily refined, but can also look a little shady sometimesβ€”so don't let him fool you.
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Profile of Jarilo: Details
Coated in a steely dark gray, with deep black along his topline and on his legs, he's subtly counter-shaded by lighter shades as well. His eyes are a bright, minty green. Generally medium-sized and well-proportioned in many regards to a distinctly rangy physique, he's more height than bulk but he wears it well.
Aspiring, down to earth, and enduring, although truthfully a bit of a late bloomer. Can be nosy and tenacious, he thrives best with a busy mind. Patient, but quite possessive and quick-witted, for better and worse. Likes to show off his teeth.
Like his sisters before him, he was born the night of a full moon on the mountain claimed by his parents, Moonspear. When he was very young, his parents were rid of his smallest, weakest littermate. Not all too long after, his other sister fell down a crevice in the mountain and presumed dead, only to be later found kept alive by a bearβ€”which the pack fought.

However, she did later perish thanks to unknown circumstance (snakebites in December!) that her family deemed suspicious when two Redhawks were found near, with one fleeing the scene. This helped encourage his training as a warrior, and guardian to the mountain early on thanks to the tutelage of his family and packβ€”and soon enough, he was expected to put this to good use in helping protect his younger siblings that came in the spring. With this to help shape him, before long, he reached a comfortable standing among the others where his confidence could eventually take shape.
Pack History
Grandparents: Yuurei Oyama β™€βœ, Makyo Eizokusei β™‚βœ,
Julooke Imperii-d'Erom β™€βœ & Verrine Ostrega β™‚βœ
Parents: Amekaze Rikudou-Ostrega β™€βœ & Charon Ostrega β™‚βœ
Full Siblings:
08/18/2016: Korei Julia Ostrega ♀, Alya Ostrega ♀, Lyra Ostrega ♀, Hydra Ostrega ♀
05/10/2017: Vela Ostrega ♀, Galaxy Ostrega β™€βœ, Ran Ostrega β™€βœ
03/31/2018: Arcturus Ostrega β™‚, Yama Ostrega ♀, Yami Ostrega ♀, Uyo Revui Ostrega β™‚
Half Siblings:
09/10/2016: Keoni β™€βœ, Nikai β™‚ (Althaia β™€βœ Γ— Charon β™‚)
12/21/2016: Koume Melonii ♀, Kotake Melonii ♀ (Potema ♀ Γ— Charon β™‚)
06/30/2019: Castor Cambria β™‚, Acheron Cambria β™‚, Spica Cambria ♀, Syrma Cambria ♀ (Speedy ♀ Γ— Charon β™‚)
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Moonspear (05/10/2017 β€” present)

Mercenary (guardian, tactician)
Naturalist (ecologist)
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