Profile of Zane: Quick Facts
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Played By: Starrlight
Basic Info
Full Name: Zane Ostrega
Subspecies: Eastern Timber/British Columbian/Gray/Mexican/Coyote
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (Sept 5, 2015)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
Profile of Zane: Details
Grey and white with brown markings and his father's golden eyes.

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by muttn
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A little shit.
Father: Sumayl Ostrega
Mother: Vienna Songbird Ostrega
Brother: Imaran

And an extensive extended family

At this point, Zane has countless kids with various loners everywhere. He's never met a single one, nor does he remember most of their mothers.
Profile of Zane: Additional Information
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Player Notes
28, web developer, chill af

I don't do much ooc plotting but if you wanna throw a twist my way, go for it! I'm usually open to about anything! <3

I don't have main characters, usually my activity level varies as plots dwindle or intensify! I try to get everyone every few days, but feel free to ping me if you need something prioritized.

I work but will generally can squeeze some posting in most mornings/lunches/evenings.
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