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Full Name: Ξ€Ξ·Ξ»ΞΎΞΉΟŽΟ€Ξ· "Thelxiope"
Subspecies: coastal wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (may 16th, 2016)
Birthplace: southern coast
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a seer. a seductress. Thelxiope is a woman formed of delicate features and a limber physique, svelte and thin. short haired pelt is often crusted with sand and salt, the colour of bleached surf strewn with ash. eyes the hue of night, dark against the pale mask which encircles them. a hauntingly beautiful young woman. an enigma that moves with ethereal grace.

"this girl was the sunlight reflected off the surface of the waves. She was clear skies, crystalline blue waters, the gentle breeze carried to the shore;" - Alarian.
born the single female pup of an aging matriarch, Thelxiope was promptly thought to be the perfect sacrifice to stop the gradual decline of the oceanic mountain tribe. cast out onto a peak and left to die soon after her birth, she was hoped to bring a stop to the ill fortune that plagued the pack. but die she did not, rather, the pup was found by another. the woman named her, and raised her, and taught her in the tongue of old.

she learned to pay homage to the skies and winds and sea, the mountains and the forests. she learned to use plants to heal and to harm, to read the skies and waves and glimpse the future (or not). to seduce and to manipulate, and many things between. Eventually, another joined the small group, a pup the same age as Thelxiope. Together, they learned and grew close, and when the girl grew into her long-legged figure and learned all that she could from the woman, did they part, and Thelxiope moved north.
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