Profile of Dirge: Quick Facts
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Mate to Hydra
Played By: Rhys
Basic Info
Full Name: Dirge Winterheart Ostrega
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (April 18, 2015)
Birthplace: Sierra Nevada Mountains
At a Glance
Tawny, earthy coat set on a lean, rangy physique with gold eyes. Bares a strong scent of the wilderness and commonality scents associated to Moonspear. Voice is gravelly and honey-smooth, confident bordering on arrogant by default. A crown wearing knave.
Profile of Dirge: Details
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Like his ancestors and relatives, Dirge bears signs of his Ostrega lineage in his large physique and gold eyes. He is tall and perpetually lean, dressed in earthy colors with agouti-patterning that darken hairs scattered along his brow, shoulders, spine, tail and tail-tip. These colors drape down along his sides like a saddle, meeting the lighter and sandier hues of his underside. He is built like a hunter—full of endurance and speed but not entirely lacking in strength either—and cants toward seeming rough along the edges, much like the wilds he was borne from.

His fur is coarse but plush enough to be soft, though its overall thickness varies by season—thicker in winter, thinner in summer—and some pains are taken to keep it orderly. Generally Dirge carries the scents of the wilderness, of towering pines and damp earth; occassionally tinges of sea salt are present as well. He carries himself confidently, a dominant creature that is surprisingly, if not confusingly relaxed bordering nonchalant. Often he has a complete expression of neutrality. Company dictates his body language greatly and it isn't too far outside the realm of perception to suggest he is intentionally guarded.

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Sharp-witted and silver tongued he boasts a showman's bravado in flowery wordplay, knavishly playing a lascivious lead to make ends meet; the other side of this proverbial hidden coin displays the occasional brooding cynicism with a proclivity to anticipate the worst in others. In spite of the latter and former he is surprisingly genuine, his arrogance not unfounded in what promises he makes and keeps, and to close acquaintences and siblings he is a defacto protector and confidant. With wanderlust deep in his veins, he is also not one to remain in any place for too long, and thus makes the company he ultimately keeps a choosy affair.

A machiavellian dandelion, Dirge tends to be as tactful as a direct individual can be and in turn is often formal in his choice of words; he possesses a voice gravelly in tone but smooth like honey, rarely lacking in confidence. A realist not without fault and a wavering ambivert, he is also a more nonchalant participant in any number of things he finds himself in unless it piques his interest. Like others of his lineage he is a headstrong individual, unwilling to compromise the morals he holds or renege on his word. That said, his inclination to be a charmer also leads him to being a promiscuous, unscrupulous sort where it suits him, and he is not beyond utilizing others to satisfy his own wants and needs whether carnal or not.
Parents: Kelso Ostrega & Kasaka Winterheart
Siblings: Grey , Lestra , Nyx , & Saor

Mate: Hydra Ostrega
Offspring: Atlas , Antares , Osiris , & Vega (06/17/19); Altair , Caelum , Mira , & Mintaka (05/07/20)

Extended Ostrega Family Tree
Pack History
April 2015 — April 2017

November 2017 — March 2018

July 2018 — September 2018

November 2018 — present
Profile of Dirge: Additional Information
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Despite being a descendant of both Ostrega and Winterheart lines, Dirge claims neither.
Trade specialties focused on Deerstalker, Tracker, and Ranger.
Family and Moonspear wolves are welcome to reference Dirge by tags in any thread.
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