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Basic Info
Full Name: Lysander
Subspecies: Eastern timber x Arctic wolf mix
Sex: Male
Age: 1+ (May 4th, 2017)
Birthplace: Bison Peak Cutoff, Yellowstone
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Profile of Lysander: Details
A perfect mix of sub-species, and quite the looker, Lysander has inherited a muscular build and plush fur from his northern ranging father and the long legs and narrow chest of his woodland mother. He is coated with a soft creamy ginger which fades to an alabaster white towards his paws, underbelly and the underside of his muzzle. A covering of dark amber and agouti grey run from his nose to the tip of his tail, including his rounded ears, where sits a pair of honey-yellow orbs.
INFP - The Adventurer
Beneath his shy exterior, Lysander is all round a charismatic and compassionate guy. He’s easygoing and sympathetic, a listener not an advisor, and never quite figured out the roaming lifestyle however much his curios nature made him wander. If given the freedom to do so, Lysander can be exceptionally expressive and creative, though once pressured will often retreat back into himself and shut out the entire fucking world. On top of this, Lysander tends to take things extremely personally, though he’d loath to admit it. To a stranger’s eye he can be seen as quiet and a pushover, which is somewhat true, however those that know him well recognise that he loves to play and explore as much as anyone...and has just as short temper.
Pack History
Kin; his mother Shauna, his father Gudmarr, his sisters Viola and Pan and his little brother Maxwell
Others; none to speak of
05/17 - 03/18 Omicron ↑ Iota ↑ Delta
Profile of Lysander: Additional Information
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