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Full Name: Raiden 'Raid' (formerly Raiden Genie Korwulyn)
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (July 16 2016)
Birthplace: Frostbite Mountain
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Cloaked predominantly in chocolate browns and dark colours with speckles of chestnut, hot cinnamon and cool ash. Ebony guard hairs run from her nape and pepper the curve of her spine, as well as the tips of her ears and her tail. Raid is short (though she'll insist otherwise, she's tiny) and has a slim, well-proportioned body, packed with lean, streamlined muscles. She is petite and almost elf-like, and is built for speed, rather than strength. Raid is not conventionally pretty, nor does she consider herself attractive - she is average, maybe a bit above average, but her true charm lies in her personality. Her eyes are what she considers the most attractive part of her body: a brilliant liquid honey amber.

Scars: Currently sporting a deep red cut along her left cheek.


Bae Joohyun (Irene)

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Reserved · Shy · Standoffish · Ambitious · Heart of Gold · Sarcastic · Cynical · Suspicious · Kind · Perfectionistic · Loyal · Empathetic · Principled · Intuitive · Intelligent · Compassionate · Withdrawn

A little nervous, a little anxious, a little afraid and very confused. A baby beast trying to find her way in the world again, with a sharp tongue and biting sarcasm as her defence mechanism, and walls of reinforced steel guarding a too-soft heart...what will become of her?

Scent: Cold river water, an autumn breeze, soft moss — a musky smell.

Sexuality: Raid is pansexual but is not prone to sudden declarations of her sexuality.
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Genie was born to Alphas Reuben Korwulyn and Jen Korwulyn in Frostbite Mountain, alongside big brother Isak.

Genie and her brother were the Alphas's first litter, and so were showered with love and attention from a young age. Their parents exposed them to a number of trades from a young age, and Genie naturally gravitated towards knowledge and the act of learning, leading to an apprenticeship with the pack's resident medic. Her brother chose the exact opposite, leaning towards fighting.
        When Genie was about three or four months old, a pup was disposed on the pack borders. Her parents didn't have the heart to leave it, despite it being winter, and so took her in. The pup's name was Harley Steele and she was the first to steal the young medic's heart.
        Harley was a few months older than Genie, and often sparred with Isak, the two of them taking turns at besting one another - they were both exceptional warriors, often picking fights at the borders despite their age which, more often than not, lead to Genie secretly patching them up afterwards.
        Harley was brave and brazen, wild and ferocious, charming and charismatic, but she was also gentle and kind, doting and teasing and it wasn't long before Genie found herself falling for the warrior. And one night, she confessed. It turned out that Harley returned her feelings, and they dated in secret for a while, trying to understand how the whole relationship thing worked. Harley was afraid of being judged and kicked out - she knew she had been taken in as a charity case, and wanted to show that she was more than one. Genie didn't mind, as long as they could still be together, even in secret.
        But, on one unfortunate day, they were found out, and her parents, whilst not outright hostile, did not approve of their relationship, threatening exilation should they not break up. Genie was furious, but she was heartbroken when Harley told her, white faced and nervous, that they should end it because she was afraid.
        Genie retreated into her shell, talking only to her brother for the next few days and quietly confided to him that he was leaving. Whilst he did not particularly wish her to, he loved her enough and told her to stay safe. He was the only one she told when she slipped away that night, hoping to never return.

Genie joined Northstar Vale on July 23rd, courtesy of nice guy Alpha Rannoch who saw potential in the shy girl. During her time there, she met Chusi, a girl from another pack who quickly grew on her, not least because she reminded Genie of her first love. Remi, a boy who Genie liked instantly during her loner travels also joined. For a while, then, she was intensely happy - the pain and hurt plagued her a little less. But one day, Rannoch vanished and Chusi, who had decided to stay at the Vale, took over as Alpha. It was all too sudden for Genie, who despite her feelings for Chusi, felt it was unfair for a newcomer to suddenly take the reins of the pack. Swallowing and suppressing these feelings, she resorted to isolating herself and taking long journeys away from the pack. Nightmares and memories plagued her again.

One day, she awoke injured and stranded in the middle of nowhere, her memories gone. Amnesia. After wandering aimlessly, she found herself at the borders of Morningside, a pack led by Grayday, a wolf she had apparently met before her amnesia occurred. Thanks to his kindness, Genie, now called Raid found a place in his ranks.
Pack History
Father: Reuben Korwulyn
Mother: Jen Korwulyn
Littermate: Isak Korwulyn*
Ex-Gf: Harley Steele

Mate: n/a
Children: n/a

characters with a * beside their names are open for adoption. pm me if interested!
LONE WOLF — June 2017 to July 23 2017
NORTHSTAR VALE — July 23 2017 to November 7th 2017
LONE WOLF —November 7th to November 11th
MORNINGSIDE — November 11th to Present
  • Hunter III— 11/17 to 12/17
  • Watcher— 12/17 to Present
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