Profile of Yew: Quick Facts
Blackfeather Woods

Basic Info
Full Name: Yew
Subspecies: mackenzie valley wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (june 3, 2014)
Birthplace: eden
At A Glance
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Profile of Yew: Details
[Image: nwli5ZjTz94pMWA1VjNQ4sK2txeZFTEWqTuX5O64...l6qewA.png]
by Novaltea on da

a she wolf draped with slightly unkept, dark brown fur that comes in handy when melting into the shadows. creamy white fur on her chest, underbelly, and tip of the tail stand out from her dark appearance, along with a cool blue gaze. her torn ear and scars show signs that she has been through many battles.
vee - orange is the new black
neutral evil
selfish • confident • persistent • manipulative

[Image: tumblr_nv1qnrL7711rdekj2o2_r1_400.gif]

yew was born into a life of war, hunger, and struggle along with her two brothers. her family's pack fought viciously for a rival pack's terf. a land where food was plentiful, which the famished pack so desperately needed.
as soon as they were old enough, yew and her brothers were trained to become warriors for the pack. they each became more skilled at sparring as the days went on and by the time they were a year old they had become forces to be reckoned with.
one day, while yew was away from the safety of her family's borders, a rival had approached her. he asked for the younger wolf to spy on her pack and report back to him and in return would offer food to satisfy her hunger.
she had refused to do so at first but after a while of thinking it over she decided to accept.
at first yew had made a routine of giving the man false information about her pack and bought the food back to share with her brethren.
this had gone on for a month before yew decided to slowly stop bringing food to the pack and keep it for herself. day after day she would spend nights by herself, dining on the prey meant for the hungry wolves whom depended on her.
as her selfish need grew her sympathy for her family diminished. she had begun giving secrets to the rivals, only caring for her reward.
soon enough the wolves of eden began to grow suspicious as to why yew appeared so healthy and full, and why she was always gone for so long. they sent one of her brothers to follow her one night.
and finally her sly plot was discovered. her brother had attempted to race back to the pack and tell them of her betrayal. but he never made it back. yew had caught up to him and murdered her own brother in the dead of night.
she couldn't return to her family again, so with quick thinking she turned tail and ran away from her crimes.
and she had been running ever since.

Pack History
alive deceased unknown

father: grey
siblings:ivy, cobweb

mate: n/a
offspring: n/a


Profile of Yew: Additional Information
if you’d like to adopt yew’s brother pm me on discord! alexx#5688
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