Profile of Katya: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Katya Balthazar
Subspecies: Eurasian Wolf x Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: Two Years (02 23 2015)
Birthplace: Balthazar Ridge
At A Glance
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Profile of Katya: Details
Stands at around 28 inches at the shoulder and 120 pounds. She may be a small wolf, but never mistaken for delicate. Her fur is steel blue-gray, with lighter streaks scattered throughout her coat. Her eyes are the most intense, icy shade of blue, which display superior intellect. She's slender, but her narrow waist rests on muscular, short legs. She's not easily pushed around.

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There is a dignity Katya holds, a self-respect that keeps her from falling into poor choices. She knows of her strengths, her skills and her advantages in life; but with that- she also understands where her weaknesses are. That's where her confidence comes into play, as she can do her best to cover any weaknesses and appear indomitable to those whom threaten her. Though she is not an overly-confident, stuck-up woman. She merely knows her place in the world, and when it comes to a task at hand, she strives to succeed. She comes off as frosty, but she is fiercely protective of children and cares for the infirm.

 She’s bold and strong-willed, confident and proud, though she doesn’t always broadcast these qualities; a quiet demeanor, layered by a soldier’s posturing, suppresses much in the way of body language. Even her eyes, incandescent in their cool blue pragmatism, reveal very little as to what goes on in her head.

Human Model: Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks)

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Katya was born into the pack of Balthazar Ridge, situated in a labyrinthine network of sheer stone canyons and rocky cliffs. After a famine swept over the ridge and neighboring territories, a competing pack raided for prey, took women, and killed in cold blood. After exacting revenge for her mate, who was murdered while protecting her, she was cast out from the pack for killing a wolf.

Her natal pack is important to her history, but details about Balthazar are mostly irrelevant. Katya doesn't like to talk about it. She had revered her father in childhood, but she severed all ties with her family after her exile.
Pack History
Entered Teekon: Summer (06 28 17) 
(06 28 17 - 07 05 17)
(07 05 17 - 07 17 17)
(07 17 17 - 11 05 17)
(11 05 17 - PRESENT)
Profile of Katya: Additional Information
Voice:  Katya speaks eloquently, with rarely a stutter or pause. Her voice is a smooth alto with a slight slur in her S's. Speaks Russian and English. Her voice is accentless, but she loses her fluid command of English when in distress.

Scent:  Crisp, like cold water and stone.

-- Katya is implied to be infertile.
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