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Mate to Grayday
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Full Name: Catori 'The Spiritwalker' Corten
Subspecies: Coastal Wolf x Vancouver Island Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (June 6th, 2014)
Birthplace: British Columbia
At A Glance
[Image: LgEpK5.png]

Catori is currently pregnant and due in early April
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Primarily a soft vanilla color  #ece1c3, Catori has a 'collar' of ginger  #db7e38 as well as bits woven into her fur and ginger at the tip of her tail. Her eyes are the color of a soft milk tea  #f9ab72, her nose a liver color  #804f42 with darker grey splotches  #7e4d3f.

[Image: TuynPq.jpg]
Intuitive, peaceful, 'earth tied', adventurous heart.
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Pack History
[Image: 1bALLL.png?dateline=1514343525]Mate: Grayday
Children: Dawn and Sunny; Easy, Dauntless, and Lavender
Parents: Undertow x Kamala
Brother: Chelan
Uncles: Spindrift, Tidewater, Brontide, Crosscurrent
Aunts: Whitecap, Breaker, Kailani, Backrush, Serein, Sirimiri, Moonglade, Selkie
Cousins: Coelacanth, Amoxtli

more information about the corten family and its traditions can be found here
[Image: morningside.png] Den Mother
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