Profile of Ariel: Quick Facts
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Mate to Olive, Seabreeze
Played By: remus
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July 05, 2019 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: Ariel Delight Singing-Sunlight
Subspecies: Eastern wolf/grey wolf &c
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (02.05.16)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At a Glance
[Image: WgBR4wo.gif]
Profile of Ariel: Details
a wisp of a thing, ariel was finely crafted with feminine features and an androgynous build. dark fur like chocolate cloaked him, accentuated by white-cream marks around his lips and eyes; paler colors trail his throat and chest. his eyes were sharp and pale like moons.

[Image: WqjhSp4.png]
img by stray<3

melancholic, thoughtful, selfish, anxious, present and withdrawn by turns, ariel spent most of his life worried about one thing or another. he cared deeply about his loved ones but found himself often unable to act on any of it, preferring, rather, to watch from afar, to work in half-truths and implications. his desires to hold a full history of the teekons, or at least the bits he cared about, were ultimately interrupted by the events of his life, and he never got back around into it, preferring to keep quiet company with his children and wives.


[Image: xAbyLqe.jpg]

ariel, born delight, arrived at the teekons and immediately fell in with mato and seabreeze on their quest to found a new pack. his young life had already been marked by tragedy, but he committed wholly to mato, who he immediately fell for.
once tindome was founded, things began to sour -- seabreeze vanished and their numbers thinned. delight grew closer to mato, but when mato's grandfather died, mato withdrew, leaving delight to try and hold the pieces of a crumbling tindome together on his own. enter: queenie.
queenie and delight had a good friendship on a mutual foundation of scorn and judgement for others, until queenie went into heat and delight agreed to have children with her. the pair were terribly unequipped on this front. enter: alarian, who delight befriended shortly after tindome moved from king elks forest to the vale. alarian, who lead his own pack, bracken sanctuary, agreed to take in the remnants of tindome, including a very heavily queenie. delight developed feelings for alarian; queenie gave birth; queenie's strict parenting clashed with delight's desire to pretend the whole thing wasn't happening in the first place; it was bad. after queenie tried to wean the children too early, causing them to become sick, delight tried to take a more active role in their upbringing. then queenie left, and seabreeze, and her new wife, olive, arrived, with young children of their own. delight and alarian got together, after alarian nearly died several times. then delight got sick and seabreeze nursed him back to health, delight's daughters went missing, and the pack agreed to relocate to the hushed willows, and alarian left in the wake of his sister's death. delight -- who had always loved seabreeze most of all -- went with them. they found one of his daughters, and delight attempted to help build their family, though his depression got the better of him, and much of his time was spent withdrawn from his children (noisy, aggressive, unhappy) and pack (noisy, well meaning, overwhelming).
many more things happened, but importantly, delight realized his feelings for seabreeze were more than strictly platonic, and began to fall for olive, as well -- provided he could be with them as a wife and not husband. his son mali left after that, disgruntled with his father's choices, but truthfully delight had been avoiding him for so long that he couldn't help but feel a little relieved (and guilty).
with olive, delight sires three boys, and determines to raise them right this time, and changes his name to ariel. unfortunately time had other plans, and ariel is gutted in a fight with a bear, dying alongside his long time friend lily.


solomon st. clair, brilliance singing-sunlight, mali singing-st.clair -- through queenie st. clair 6.16.18

atwood singing-sunlight shakti, reif singing-sunlight shakti, sundance singing-sunlight shakti* -- with olive shakti & seabreeze

* sundance is sired by another, but ariel is unaware of this.

Pack History
núro 8.21.17
vailë 10.16.17
nénar 11.12.17
morwinyon 12.20.17

chancellor 3.28.18

Profile of Ariel: Additional Information
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fc alex wolff ; appearance image by stray ; biography image by em ; additional art by ezi
Ariel's Signature
but we were worried that you'd fallen in the river, or worse
but then you sent us back a letter, it said in capital letters
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Player Notes

my name is remus & i use he/they pronouns.
i am a full time phd student so my time for rp is limited; atwood is my highest priority. consequently i am slow-paced -- if i am taking too long for you feel free to remind me over pm or @ me, or otherwise end a thread early, i won't be offended!
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