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Full Name: Cluence "Clock" Nyman
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (5/25/2015)
Birthplace: Finland
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Clock's coat is white underneath with grey and flecks of black on top. His legs are longer than that of the average male wolf, giving him a lanky appearance. Dark brown eyes observe the world quietly and calmly.
Loyal. Easy going and playful, but also self-reliant. Open-minded and willing. Not afraid to be alone. Intelligent.
Cluence was born one of five puppies at a wolf sanctuary in Finland. He was quite young when he and his siblings were separated from their mother and brought to a rehabilitation facility in the Rocky Mountains via airlift. Unbeknownst to Cluence and his siblings, they were part of a new program that was intended to increase the dwindling wolf population in North America. They spent nearly a year at the rehabilitation center, a vast swath of forested land in the Rocky Mountains enclosed with a sturdy electric fence, before they were deemed ready to survive on their own. As part of the ongoing research, two of the five young wolves were outfitted with a radio tracking device. Luckily, Cluence did not have to wear one.
In order to avoid inbreeding, Cluence's siblings were separated when they were released into the wild. He and his brother were taken one direction, and his three sisters were taken another.

Cluence and his brother Onni survived together for many months. They attempted to join with a small pack deep in the forest, but the other wolves did not trust them. The brothers still smelled faintly of humans and machines; things that were foreign and scary to the lone pack.

Then, one day, as Cluence and Onni were attempting to take down a young buck, Onni was violently gored. He died shortly after. Cluence closes his mind whenever it gets near enough to the subject for him to recall this....

After Onni's death, Cluence made a long journey north and eventually came across the Teekon Wilds.
Pack History
Mother and Father: Still residing in a sanctuary in Finland
Onni (Brother): deceased
3 Sisters: Last seen at the wolf rehabilitation center in the Rocky Mountains
Born in captivity in Finland. No pack or rank history outside of his immediate family.
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