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Full Name: Alkyone Papadopoulos
Subspecies: Red Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (14-1-2015)
Birthplace: Myrrka hill
At A Glance
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A small nymph of a woman with ears the size of even smaller pancakes. Reddish fur with a black "cape", soft but short and incredible nice to cuddle. Her legs are a pale tawny and that same hue paints the underside of her head and some of her chest. Her eyes are a warm hazel colour that lack understanding.

You'd think that with such large ears, Alkyone would hear pretty well. But no, she was born with bad hearing. Though she does hear, it has to be loud to be noticed.

Scent: Blossoms and warm wood.

Human Counterpart: Nishimiya Shoko
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A smol, innocent girl that doesn't hear very well.
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