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Basic Info
Full Name: Snowe (formerly Miyako Mori)
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (07/13/15)
Birthplace: Near Vancouver, BC
At A Glance
Dazed & confused. Half her pelt burnt away from lightning.

[Image: tumblr_ngnnmz0ZHg1qbr8cio7_250.gif]
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Profile of Snowe: Details
Slim but long-legged black female wolf, around 90 pounds, with dark fur that goes slightly russet brown in the brighter summer months and deep amber-gold eyes. Left ear notched in a couple places from a bad fight about a year ago.

Fur singed halfway from the lightning strike that nearly killed her. A walk that's kind of crooked and a lopsided smile due to brain injuries suffered (that she may not fully recover from).

Voice Reference
An attitude to beat all attitudes. Tough as nails. Girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Mouth like a sailor. Will fuck your shit up if you're on her bad side. A mama bear without children. Nuturing yet stern. Had to grow up too fast. Never looking for love until she falls into it.

She can't remember who she is.
One of six siblings, with a mother who died giving birth and an ineffectual alpha male of a father. When said worthless father died, three oldest brothers erupted into a battle for leadership of the pack--a struggle that ended with two dead and the oldest an unflinching ruler. Promised the alpha female position; was pushed out by brother's new mate. Decided to split and find a new life for herself elsewhere.

After a short stint in the Teekons, Miyako went away to find a new life elsewhere. She is, best-case scenario, living it up with Varrick in a beautiful territory and having a billion babies.
Pack History

Parents: Hiroto Mori & Aimi Moto

Siblings: Ichiro Mori , Jiro Mori , Tsukiko Mori , Saburo Mori , Goro Mori

LONE WOLF - 09/03/17 - 09/28/17

NORTHSTAR VALE - 09/28/17 - present
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