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Basic Info
Full Name: Talion "Vex" Roux-Abrhen
Subspecies: Great Plains mix
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (October 10th, 2016)
Birthplace: Astarte Strand
At A Glance
Cool grey fur topped on bright white undersides, marked across his head and back with deep obsidian. Tall, lean and undoubtedly masculine. Frosty periwinkle blue eyes.
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Profile of Talion: Details
Tall, long-legged and yet to grow into his adult physique, it is apparent that Talion still has youth on his side. His pelt is primarily a cool platinum, topped on undersides of untouched Winter-white. From the tip of his snout and along the length of his dorsal he is swathed in a cloak of deepest obsidian, which fades into the silver of his sides and peppers throughout his tail. His eyes are what stands out against the monochrome of his features, being an icy blue-grey tinted with a faint sheen of lavender.
Born to a matriarchal pack, Talion's mother intended that he face the same fate as his brothers before him: death. In a rare turn of events it was announced by the Siren Queen that the sea willed this boy to live, despite his dam's objection. He was reared solely by the High Priestesses alongside his twin sisters and the daughters of other Nereides, though was separated from them upon weaning and placed in the care of his father and the other males.

Previously a shy and gentle child, the harshness of his mother hardened him considerably. In the beginning he acknowledged that he was inferior to all of his female pack mates, choosing to maintain an "out of sight, out of mind" approach, and often struggled in silence with his mother's rejection. Despite living in his sisters' shadows, Talion became a naturally proud boy who continuously sought to prove himself and longed to be accepted as an equal. Born of a Nereides female and believing himself to be a child of the sea, he eventually rebelled with a keen interest in learning the ways of the Nereides and their lore in a desperate attempt to gain their approval, but the Priestesses were quick to snub this behaviour.

Abandoning his thirst for knowledge, Talion focused instead on his intended purpose: becoming an elite guard. He was excelling in his training when the pack's Siren Queen passed away suddenly during a hunting accident, leaving the position open for his mother to claim. Sao banished her unwanted son, casting him out into life as a loner, and Talion lingered near the territory borders for weeks with the hope that he might re-integrate. His mother eventually wounded him and Talion made his way South where he came upon the Teekon, where he decided to settle to wait out the approaching Winter months.
Pack History
Son of Sao Nereides and her consort Notturno Roux-Abrhen, Talion was the only male pup from their three successful litters who was permitted to live. He was born alongside twins Clio and Ceto and he has a number of older sisters: Kharis, Neso, Halie and Maera, though he was forbidden to consider them as such.
Astarte Strand - Spawn (Oct 16 - Apr 17)

Lone Wolf (Apr 17 - Dec 17)

Moonspear (Dec 17 - present)
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