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Basic Info
Full Name: Ramsay Malacath Melonii

½ Arctic wolf
½ Mackenzie Valley wolf

Size: Medium
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (13/10/2017)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance
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Profile of Ramsay: Details
An example of inbreeding gone wrong. Ramsay boasts a barrel-chested, grotesquely stunted figure with hunched shoulders, minimal neck, truncated ribs and a stubby tail due to short spine syndrome. His limbs are of relatively normal proportions. In spite of his physical malformation, Ramsay is healthy and falls on the small end of medium stature. He has raven black fur that grows long along his back and his eyes are a fathomless shade of indigo. He moves in a peculiar and unnatural fashion. Ramsay's voice is soft, calm and silvery.
Pack History
Parents · Potema and Cicero
Siblings · Euron and Maegi
Half-siblings · Astara, Averna, Ganondorf, Kotake, Koume and Vaati
Offspring · Anansi, Sakhmet and Sobek
Blackfeather Woods · 13/10/2017 — 13/02/2018
Tindome · 13/02/2018 — 25/03/2018
Blackfeather Woods · 31/03/2019 — present
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