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art & concept by java
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Basic Info
Full Name: Aurelia "Kitty" Lockhart
Pronunciation: Awe-uh-re-lee-ah
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (24/04/16)
Birthplace: montauk valley (outside teekon wilds)
At A Glance
[Image: giphy.gif]

A skittish creature draped in all blends of browns that can be hard to get a word out of (unless she somehow likes you) and is found most of the time looking at the sky
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Profile of Aurelia: Details

Artwork by java

Golden-brown agouti beauty with dark coffe points blended across her body in a mixture of earthy and chocolately browns. Various shades of gray line the bridge of her muzzle only to be contrasted with the gradient pale creams that engulf her whole face except for the darker chestnut shading, the same color of her ears, that lies underneath her bright yellow eyes.

She has a lithe form, thin legs that carry her with great speed and grace, and a long fluffled up tail she uses to gesture a lot, when she does speak.

scent: wet leaves, lavender and a hint of pine needles

[Image: giphy.gif]

current mood
upon her arrival at easthollow she noted the stars seemed more disperse which has caused her to crawl back into her shell and silent spell. She believes the threat of a fight waiting to break out is lingering in the air. Like the stars, her thoughts seem scattered and her mood swings sporadic

skittish - quiet around others & loud when alone- oddball - aggresive when afraid otherwise harmless- obsessive over small details & personal interests- impulsive - flighty - neurotic - occasional trickster - holds grudges

"She is cat-like in temperment, quite neurotic, and very quiet. More active at night due to a fixation with astrology, she can sometimes be found singing or shouting odd things at the sky. Her behavior fluctuates between intense fixation and intense abhorrence. She is as fickle as the wind. This crone doesn't do well in large groups and has never been able to stay long in any one area, often driven away for her bizarre habits." -description by java

more to develop ic


plants, astronomy & astrology

• Naturalist ; aspiring astronomer & botanist
• Caregiver ; aspiring medic & midwife
• Scout ; aspiring ranger

all trades listed have not yet been obtained; she's working towards them

[Image: sexy.gif]
don't ask her, she'll probably never tell.

She had a normal, happy puppyhood, a standard conflictive adolesence and so far a more restless early adulthood.
Perhaps too normal and too happy which is why she'll often make up bizarre stories (if you're lucky enough to even have her speak to you) about her upbringing and the fate of those in her long lost relatives
Pack History
nuclear family
Second born daughter to Solstice ♀ & Banjo Lockhart ♂,
she was born alongside Bianca Lockhart* ♀ the eldest daughter and younger brother Ringo Lockhart* ♂

** siblings up for adoption! pm me

yet to be established

Profile of Aurelia: Additional Information
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banshee - preta

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