Profile of Gracious: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Gracious Orlov
Subspecies: Northwestern Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years (April 8)
Birthplace: Valley of Thieves
At A Glance
Height: 37" from her shoulders
Weight: 143 lbs
Build: Endomorph and Mesomorph
Eye color: pale grey
Fur color: Misty grey with black and white shading
Scent: Petrichor

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Profile of Gracious: Details
A feeling of serenity and wonder surrounds the woman like a fog, beckoning all who are lost to come to her. Her coat is a misty white with shades of grey and streaks of black; her eyes are grey diamonds that gently scintillate.

Eloquent in her movement, she is an empress in the making. Naturally, the woman holds herself to higher standards, therefore, she avoids slouching when she sits and keeps her body perfectly aligned when possible. Dominance does not equal dignified.

It is hard to be known for good posture and movement when there is more weight than preferred. Gracious struggles with loving her body, she has always believed that being small and petite is the ultimate definition of beauty. While she has tried to shed off the unnecessary weight, it still seems to haunt her reflection of herself.
A sweet and caring individual, a grandmotherly air surrounds her. Extremely intellectual, yet naive at times with a pacifistic nature. Spiritual in her ways with a heart of pure gold.

She's waiting for you to introduce yourself to her.

Had she been given a better upbringing, Gracious may have evolved into the queen she deserved to be. However, life is never so generous to everyone.

Born and raised in a litter of 5, Gracious was the firstborn. She was larger than the rest, which meant only one thing to her parents: prodigy. High hopes, unconditional pressuring, and a lot to live up to -- Gracious would not have an easy start in life.

Her parents were elusive thieves, meddling into the packs that surrounded the lands and stealing from their caches. A heavy bounty was put for each of their heads. In order to preserve the history of trickery and cunningness, the couple needed a team.

Children were their option. Almost all of them turned out the way they wanted them to be; quick thinking, intelligent, sharp. All but one.

The black sheep of the family, Gracious' failure to partake in family events like stealing as well as intense training led to her quick banishment. Labeled as a disgrace, she was forced to leave when she was barely old enough to fend for herself, her parents wasted enough time trying to work with her.

Although she held resentment to her family, she knew she could not blame them. Her life was different from theirs, she was slowing them done. With a chance to explore the world for the first time, Gracious never once stopped moving forward.
Pack History
Father's side:
Grandmother - Aito
Grandfather - Nila

Mother's side:
Grandmother - Snowball
Grandfather - Thorn

Mother - Stella
Father - Keto

Brothers - Hemlock, Fern, Dym
Sister - Leu
Valley of Thieves:
Puppy Tier
- Xi
Adult Tier
- Gamma

Lone Wolf

- Nuro

Lone Wolf
Profile of Gracious: Additional Information
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