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Basic Info
Full Name: Gracious Orlov
Subspecies: Northwestern Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years (April 8)
Birthplace: Valley of Thieves
At A Glance
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Profile of Gracious: Details
Large, larger than most females and even some males you may encounter in your life. A burly figure, she exudes a feeling of strength when first coming into view -- a mountain woman made of ice and stone. Yet, her gentle speech relinquishes her slightly-scary appearance and instead replaces it with an atmosphere of calmness and serenity. Her coat reflects a grey winter day, white and black and all shades in between knit themselves finely onto Gracious' body. Her eyes are no different and remain a shiny grey color; not a drop of color exists on her.

She moves with eloquence, stepping lightly as she treads and avoiding slouching and slumping. Dignified, but certainly not dominant. She is certainly a sight to see.

”A Gentle Soul With the Heart of An Empress”

She's a gentle being, who holds the tenderness of a mother's touch and the sweetness of her laughter. Gracious' aura holds a warm, grandmotherly air to it that may be hard for someone to turn their back on. All who are lost are welcome into her fold of comfort and healing. She holds a desire to mend those who are broken or have lost their way or spirit. Incredibly empathetic, perhaps a bit too doting at times. She makes good company for those who need some companionship or support. There's a good heart that beats in her body, one that wishes for peace and love to be filled within every creature in the world.

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Wisdom can be difficult to accumulate, even after years of living and surviving on one's own. However, Gracious' mind is a pool full of knowledge and intelligence, with a sprinkling of philosophical thoughts. She yearns to learn more about the world that surrounds her and the wolves that inhabit her home with her as well. Gracious is prone to deeply thinking about situations before acting, perhaps overthinking at times; it keeps her calm in stressful situations of decision-making when she sees things from all possible angles. She puts on a cool front but easily becomes overwhelmed when rushed to make a decision.

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She holds herself to a high standard of behavior and will rarely be seen participating in silly disputes and such. Gracious is not a prideful being, she sees herself more as an example to others and therefore acts the way she would want them to, dutifully and respectfully. She sees her family members as equals to each other, though she reflects more formality and respect for the leaders of her clan. Incredibly pacifistic, however she will not subject herself to scrutiny of others. While she respects the opinions of others, Gracious can become defensive and feel the need to stand her ground (if the inner-counseling in her head fails to calm her down).
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Had she been given a better upbringing, Gracious may have evolved into the queen she deserved to be. However, life is never so generous to everyone.

Born and raised in a litter of 5, Gracious was the firstborn. She was larger than the rest, which meant only one thing to her parents: prodigy. High hopes, unconditional pressuring, and a lot to live up to -- Gracious would not have an easy start in life.

Her parents were elusive thieves, meddling into the packs that surrounded the lands and stealing from their caches. A heavy bounty was put for each of their heads. In order to preserve the history of trickery and cunningness, the couple needed a team.

Children were their option. Almost all of them turned out the way they wanted them to be; quick thinking, intelligent, sharp. All but one.

The black sheep of the family, Gracious' failure to partake in family events like stealing as well as intense training led to her quick banishment. Labeled as a disgrace, she was forced to leave when she was barely old enough to fend for herself, her parents wasted enough time trying to work with her.

Although she held resentment to her family, she knew she could not blame them. Her life was different from theirs, she was slowing them done. With a chance to explore the world for the first time, Gracious never once stopped moving forward.
Pack History
Father's side:
Grandmother - Aito
Grandfather - Nila

Mother's side:
Grandmother - Snowball
Grandfather - Thorn

Mother - Stella
Father - Keto

Brothers - Hemlock, Fern, Dym
Sister - Leu
Valley of Thieves:
Puppy Tier
- Xi
Adult Tier
- Gamma

Lone Wolf

- Nuro

Lone Wolf

- Fëafelmë

-Currently PPC
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