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Spooky Camilla
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Mate to Phox

Basic Info
Full Name: "Crazy" Camilla Redhawk
Subspecies: ¼ Plains Wolf, ¼ Rocky Mountain, ½ Grey
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (March 2015[mdash]April 2019)
Birthplace: λαβύρινθος
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Sea foam cresting dark rocks in a storm; pale, violent, unkempt. Her eyes were tempestuous sea green. Motherhood filled in the sharp angles of her body; while she retained a lean quality to her limbs and an angular above-average height, her curves became more pronounced and her edges softened. At one point she could've been compared to a silver zeppelin — but then complications and depression took their toll on her, leading to her weight to drop dramatically.
Pack History
Mate: Phox
Offspring: Figment & Fenton.
Further details can be found in her pawprints.
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