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Full Name: Cupun Kesuk
Subspecies: Mixed (Arctic x Mackenzie Valley x Grey Wolf)
Sex: Female
Age: 1.6 (October 31st, 2016)
Birthplace: Kipkark Cove
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a composition of oily black that is rarely pristine and oftentimes littered with debris, dust, blood, or a combination of each. circumstances have created a haggard creature who carries a refined edge to the harsh angles of their body. A dangerous, desperate strength has rooted itself inside of every inch of cupun, expressed chiefly through the hungry woman's unnerving stare.
accidental murder puppy
ptsd + bpd
beta disposition
impulsive & chaotic
cupun's morals and ideals have always centered around the whims of her father or the desires of her ringleader brother, and without either force to be her guide cupun has been left without a sense of self. she doesn't know her full capabilities and is frightened by the lack of control exerted upon her by another; due to this, she has tried on numerous occasions to take up the "alpha" mantle and has had little success. the stress caused by this shift in roles has only strengthened her borderline personality disorder and resulted in a more antagonistic, impulsive, paranoid version of herself. with her brother baal around things are easier - she can assume an identity that puts him on the lower rung of the social ladder and herself on top, which gives her a limited but necessary sense of stability. on her own, as she is now, cupun is a reckless and hedonistic mess who will do anything to survive the winter.
one third of the les enfants terribles. after the death of the ring leader of the trio hann; cupun takes charge and encourages baal to follow her lead. the pair were traveling together but then baal decided to grow a spine and the ensuing argument left them both alone.
Pack History
PARENTS Kerberos ♂ x Sorcha ♀✝
SIBLINGS Hann ♂✝, Baal
unnamed✝, unnamed
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