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Full Name: Jubilee
Nickname(s): Jules, JB, Jaybee.
Subspecies: Mid-Content Hybrid
Specifics: ½ Timber Wolf, ¼ German Shepherd, ¼ Smooth Collie
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (April 2015)
Birthplace: Unknown
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Golden-brown ("buff") colored base coat with a creamy underside that becomes a collar marking. A dark coffee-brown saddle marks her back with a similar tone to her half-curled ears. Her fur is thick around her neck and gets thicker along her belly in the winter months, but generally it looks short - especially the fur of her face, which makes her bone structure appear more pronounced. She is destined to always be weaker than the average wolf; although she is sometimes bigger when it comes to dimensions, Jubilee doesn't hold the power or the weight of a wolf, which is a good indicator to her lineage.
This character's behavior will be explored IC.
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