Profile of Aliac: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Aliac (formaly Asatira Osei)
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (March, 7th 2016)
Birthplace: Gardiner, Montana
At A Glance
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Profile of Aliac: Details
Aliac is a mostly white gray wolf with a bit of black and grey on her withers with brown eyes. She stands at about 3 feet high and weighs about 80 pounds.
She is a shy and eager to please young she-wolf but due to her abandonment, she is a bit reserved due to fear of being left again, therefore she tries to keep all feelings hidden away. Though all that changed once she joined Morningside and met a particular male. She is quite skittish when first met but is a bundle of energy once she gets comfortable.
Asatira was born to an alpha she wolf who was obsessed with power, her and her brother Khali were abandoned by their mother, but that wasn’t all. Following their abandonment they were both picked up by two separate wolves and separated. She has no memory of her mother except her scent due to her abandonment. As she came of age, the female who raised her died in a bear attack leaving Aliac to learn and fend for herself.

She has traveled far to get to Teekon Wilds in hope of finding a new pack. During that time she is caught during a snowstorm and unknowingly stumbles town a hill knocking her unconscious. When she awoke, she had no memory of anything including her own name. Before entering Teekon the she-wolf met a male (later realized it was her father) who had given her name Aliac and from that day that's what she has gone by.

After a brief time of searching, she stumbled upon Morningside where she is taken in and eventually she earns her first trade of hunter within the pack and even develops a few crushes though only one seemed to linger.

After a mysterious dream and a trek through the plains Aliac meets a strange male who sheds light on her recent nightmare. Her brother Khali had found his way back into her life which was the shock of a lifetime.

In the following months Morningside lost members and eventually merged and moved with Elysium. On February 14th she goes into her heat and her and sunny do the deed and on April 20th she will have birthed three healthy pups Minnow, Aeryn and Valiant
Pack History
Parents:Atiena and Moath Melonii (Adopted Father)
Siblings: Khali
Mate: Sunny Morningside
Children: Valiant, Aeryn and Minnow
Morningside (???-??? Hunter II)
Elysium (???-??? Seraph )
Profile of Aliac: Additional Information
Can be known to speak Swahili under certain circumstances but due to memory loss, she will not know how she knows the language.

She died
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